Weekly Memo (February 17-21)

Thursday Was a Big Day

We had a great ending to last week— and I’m so thankful for the extended weekend! Congratulations to Kaylin, Jonah, and Stella for receiving the most votes for the Valentines Day boxes. They were all so good, and I’m thankful everyone went all out on it. In case you weren’t able to stop by the display room, you can click the image below to view all the boxes.

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In addition to celebrating Valentines Day on Thursday, we also spent the morning at the secondary campus working on our pottery projects for Art class. Students created their clay works of art, and they’ll be ready for the kiln in about a week or two. You can click the image below to view pictures from our experience.

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What We’re Learning This Week (if all goes as planned)
I’ll mark each thing we get finished, and you can check back each day to see what we were able to get accomplished (and what we didn’t quite make it to).

No School

Presidents Day
Computers 10:20-10:50

Music 1:25-1:55
Computers 10:20-10:50

Music 1:25-1:55


Book Buddies

Library 2:10-2:40

The Judges (10.2)

Memory Verse Practice
The Judges (10.3)

Memory Verse Practice
The Judges

Memory Verse Practice
Memory Verse Quiz

Test over Judges


DLR 21- Monday & Tuesday

Diagramming Adverb Clauses
DLR 21- Wednesday

Diagramming Adverb Clauses
DLR 21- Thursday

Test— Adverbs & Adverb Clauses; Parts of Speech; Diagramming


List #25 (p. 118-119)

List #25 (p. 121)
Spelling Pre-Test

Spelling Test (if necessary)

Grade Lesson 63

Lesson 64— Using Money to Model Decimal Numders
Grade Lesson 64

Lesson 65— Decimal Parts of a Meter
Grade Lesson 65

Pre-Test (in class)

No Math Set 😞

Test (Lessons 1-65)
Social Studies

Revolutionary War!
Women of the Revolution
Women of the Revolution
Women of the Revolution (Review— Test next Tuesday)

Finish Fish in a Tree

Character Discussion Questions

Journeys— "They Called Her Molly Pitcher" Vocabulary

Independent Reading (100,000 word goal)
"They Called Her Molly Pitcher" Close Reading Questions

Independent Reading (100,000 word goal)
Independent Reading (100,000 word goal)

Vocabulary Review
"They Called Her Molly Pitcher" Reading Comprehension Quiz

Vocabulary Quiz

Independent Reading (100,000 word goal)

Writing Conferences & Finish Final Drafts

Writing Conferences & Finish Final Drafts

This Week’s Memory Verse
"For it Is by grace you have been saved, through faith— and this is not from yourselves— it is the gift of God."
Ephesians 2:8

This Week’s Spelling List
List 25 (pp. 118-121)
  1. please
  2. pleasant
  3. cloth
  4. clothes
  5. sign
  6. signature
  7. dream
  8. dreamt
  9. part
  10. partial
  11. moist
  12. moisten
  13. breathe
  14. breath
  15. create
  16. creature
  17. elect
  18. election
  19. practice
  20. practical

This Week’s Vocabulary List— Quiz Friday
  1. bankrupt: ruined financially
  2. casualty: a person injured or killed, particularly in war
  3. coerce: to pressure or force someone to do something
  4. Commander-in-Chief: military leader
  5. foes: enemies; opponents; adversaries
  6. formal: proper and official
  7. gushed: flowed out very quickly
  8. harass: to attack with words or physical actions
  9. inherit: to receive property or money from someone after their death
  10. knapsack: something used to carry things; a backpack
  11. legendary: famous
  12. magnificent: impressive; outstanding
  13. mercenary: professional soldier paid to fight for a foreign army
  14. pension: a regular payment by the government for previous work or service
  15. plunged: something is thrown or pushed into place forcefully
  16. ramrod: a stick used for pushing
  17. reenactment: the acting out of a historical event
  18. refugee: a person forced to leave home because of war or violence
  19. retreat: to move away from something or something
  20. revolution: to overthrow one government and replace it with another
  21. saboteur: a person who destroys things an enemy wants
  22. scarce: hard to find; not enough
  23. shimmering: shining; glowing
  24. strategy: plan
  25. traitor: a person who betrays his or her country

This Week’s Tests & Quizzes
  • Thursday
    • Test— Adverbs & Adverb Clauses; Parts of Speech; Diagramming
    • Spelling Pre-Test
  • Friday
    • Bible Test & Memory Verse Quiz (Ephesians 2:8)
    • Math Test (Lessons 1-65)
    • Social Studies Vocabulary Quiz

Upcoming Projects

Chapel This Friday
  • Song— Aidan
  • Scripture— Nathan
  • Prayer— Hayden

Safety Patrol Rotation (UPDATED)

Important Dates & Upcoming Events
  • Tuesday, February 18
    • Library Aide Picture (for the Book Fair)
  • Monday, February 24
    • The Book Fair Begins!
    • Happy Birthday, Karsen!
  • Tuesday, February 25
    • Breakfast with Buddies (7 AM)
    • Happy Birthday, Robert!
  • Thursday, February 27
    • Book Fair Family Night (3:00-5:30 PM)
  • Friday, February 28
    • The Book Fair Ends!
  • Tuesday, March 3
    • Science Fair Project Proposal Forms Due
  • Monday, March 9
    • Happy Birthday, Gus!
  • Tuesday, March 10
    • AR Deadline (100,000 Words)
    • Happy Birthday, Nate!
  • Wednesday, March 11
    • End of the 3rd Nine Weeks Grading Period
    • Early Dismissal (1:30 PM)
  • Monday, March 16

Resource of the Week

The Finding Fred Podcast

Helpful Links

Classroom Resource Page (for class schedule, safety patrol rotation, textbooks, etc.)

Google Classroom (students may access this from their Google drive account)

Class ShowMe Page (video tutorials)