Weekly Memo (September 30- October 4)

Raising Great Adults

"The goal is not to raise great kids.
It’s to raise kids
who become great adults."
Andy Andrews

Our 5th grade class had quite a lot going on the past five days of school! Last Friday we spent the day at Pinnacle, then Monday we hit the ground running with the book fair which continued through Thursday, and we ended today with a great Grandparents’ Day performance. On top of all that, we still had our regular classes, took four tests, and worked on a narrative writing piece.

This week was a LOT for anyone to handle— especially for fifth graders, but honestly, they handled it like champs. I loved seeing them take on the extra responsibilities and step up to the challenges in front of them. Knowing what’s in store for them at the high school campus and beyond, I know they're on the right track and will be ready for the transition.

There were a couple of times this week I could tell the stress, extra responsibilities, and anxiety were getting to us. The recess football games got a little more intense, the transitions from class activities were a little slower, and there were even times we didn’t choose the kindest way to respond to each other.

And that’s what I love about education— it provides endless opportunities for students to do the right thing and it provides teachable moments when we mess up. This was a great week to work on that, and we made some significant progress. We learned to balance our time, to regulate our emotions, to own our mistakes, and to make things right when we messed up.

While it was a great week with a lot going on, I’m probably not the only one in class who’s looking forward to beginning a "regular" week of school (whatever that is) on Monday.

What We’re Learning This Week (if all goes as planned)
  • Bible
    • Joseph’s Life (Genesis 37-50)
      • Why did Joseph’s brothers hate him?
      • How was Joseph mistreated and how did he respond?
      • What kind of character did Joseph have?
      • How can God take our negative situations and make them positive?
    • Memory Verse— Ephesians 4:32
    • Books of the Old Testament
  • Reading/Vocab
    • Read-Aloud
    • DRA Testing
    • Journeys
      • Read "Off and Running" by Gary Soto
      • Skills: Theme; Compare/Contrast; Idioms
    • Next AR Test Deadline— Monday, September 30
      • Must be a grade-level book
      • Must be a book that the student has not yet tested on
      • Must be a book read this nine weeks
  • Social Studies
    • Studies Weekly #3— American Indians
      • Compare/contrast cultural aspects of ancient American civilizations
      • Identify American Indian tribes
      • Identify ways good citizens go above and beyond
      • Test on Friday (Update: Test will be next Tuesday)
    • Time for Kids
  • Math
    • Lesson 21— Word Problems About Equal Groups
    • Lesson 22— Division With and Without Remainders
    • Lesson 23— Recognizing Halves
    • Lesson 24— Parentheses and the Associative Properties
    • Lesson 25— Listing the Factors of Whole Numbers
  • Spelling
    • Lesson Eight Words (see below)
    • Pre-Test Thursday (perfect scores will not need to take Thursday’s test)
    • Test Friday (if necessary)
  • English
    • Pronouns
    • Review Subjects & Verbs
  • Writing
    • Handwriting Practice (pp. 15-16)
    • Narrative Writing (Revision Process)

This Week’s Memory Verse
"Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you."

Ephesians 4:32

This Week’s Spelling List
Printable version— Download PDF
Lesson Eight
  1. heavy
  2. ahead
  3. measure
  4. already
  5. said
  6. again
  7. degree
  8. cheese
  9. goalie
  10. piece
  11. jealous
  12. meadow
  13. weapon
  14. against
  15. succeed
  16. Halloween
  17. breeze
  18. believe
  19. thief
  20. chief

This Week’s Tests & Quizzes
  • Monday
    • AR Test #2
  • Thursday
    • Spelling Pre-Test
  • Friday
    • Social Studies Test
    • Spelling Test (if necessary)
    • Books of the Old Testament Test
    • Memory Verse Test

Upcoming Projects
  • We are collecting supplies for our Mustang Missions Haiti Christian Development Project. Our class will be collecting the following two items:
    • spiral notebooks (70 pages)
    • chapstick
    • We are also asking each family that is able to contribute at least $10.00 (cash or check made out to H.C.D.P.) to help cover the shipping charges. This covers shipping costs from LR to Florida and Florida to Haiti.

Chapel This Week
Monday, September 30
  • Song— Luke
  • Scripture— Carson
  • Prayer— Jonah
  • Pledge & Patriotic Song— Lily, Sterling, and Aster

Tuesday, October 1
  • Song— Carson
  • Song— Robert
  • Scripture— Connor
  • Prayer— Leo
  • Pledge & Patriotic Song— Lily, Abigail, Sterling, and Ella

Wednesday, October 2
  • Song— Hayden
  • Song— Luke
  • Scripture— Robert
  • Prayer— Aidan
  • Pledge & Patriotic Song— Abigail, Kaylin, and Stella

Thursday, October 3
  • Song— Aidan
  • Song— Jude
  • Scripture— Austin
  • Prayer— Gus
  • Pledge & Patriotic Song— Aster and Kaylin

Friday, October 4
  • Song— Hayden
  • Song— Leo
  • Scripture— Gus
  • Prayer— Jonah
  • Pledge & Patriotic Song— Ella, Elizabeth, and Stella

Important Dates & Upcoming Events
  • Monday, September 30
    • AR Book #2 Test Due
  • Friday, October 11
    • AR Book #3 Test Due
  • Monday, October 14
    • Homecoming Week begins!
  • Wednesday, October 16
    • End of 1st Grading Period
    • Early Dismissal (1:30 PM)
  • Monday, October 21
    • No School
    • Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Monday, October 28
    • Family Fall Fest (5:30 PM)

Resource of the Week

Helpful Links

Classroom Resource Page (for class schedule, safety patrol rotation, textbooks, etc.)

Google Classroom (students may access this from their Google drive account)

Class ShowMe Page (video tutorials)