Weekly Memo (January 13-17)

A New Semester

For most of us, a new year is a great time to start new things and make changes, and the same is true in a classroom. This semester, we’re going to do things a little differently than the fall semester. Here are few of the changes we’ll be making or have already made:
  • New seating arrangement— For the first semester, our room was set up in cooperative learning groups of 4 (and one group of 5).For this semester, we our room is set up in more of a stadium-seating arrangement with students sitting in pairs. We’ll still be able to do many of the same cooperative learning activities that we did before, but just in a new arrangement.
  • Spelling Tests— We’ll follow the same format of having a pre-test on Thursday and the test on Friday, but we’ll add a review assignment to help students master the words. For any words missed on the pre-test, students will need to rewrite them five times and turn in the next day prior to taking the spelling test.
  • Vocabulary Tests— In addition to testing over the vocabulary words from the Journeys chapter each Friday, we’ll also include vocabulary words from our Social Studies and Science lessons.
  • Class Novels— In addition to independent reading novels and reading stories from our Journeys textbook, we will also read two novels together this semester (Fish in a Tree and Indian in the Cupboard). Both are great books, and I’m looking forward to reading them as a class. We’ll start our first one in the next two weeks.

These are just a few of the things we’ll add to our routine this semester, and there will be a few more along the way. I’m looking forward to another great semester as we prepare to move to middle school next year.

What We’re Learning This Week (if all goes as planned)

I’ll mark each thing we get finished, and you can check back each day to see what we were able to get accomplished (and what we didn’t quite make it to).

Comp. 10:20-10:50

PE 1:25-1:55
Comp. 10:20-10:50

Music 1:25-1:55
Comp. 10:20-10:50

Music 1:25-1:55
Art 8:30-9:30

Comp. 10:20-10:50

PE 1:25-1:55
Book Buddies 9:10-9:30

Library 2:10-2:40

Learn Memory Verse

Caleb & Joshua— Leadership (8.3)

Key Question: What makes a good leader?

Memory Verse

Caleb & Joshua— Leadership (8.3)

Memory Verse

Caleb & Joshua— Leadership (8.4)

Memory Verse

Caleb & Joshua—
Leadership (8.5)

Memory Verse &

DLR- Monday

Adj. vs. Adverb Questions Chart
DLR- Tuesday

Good vs. Well
Very vs. Real
DLR- Wednesday

"There is/There are" sentences
DLR- Thursday

Adverb Clauses
Adverb Clauses (continued)
List #20 (p. 96)
List #20 (p. 97)
List #20 (p. 98 & 99)

Rewrite missed words five times
Test (if necessary)
Lesson 52

Practice multiplying by 2-digit numbers

Choose Survey Topic & Run Sample
Grade Lesson 52

Lesson 53

Gather Data for Chart
Grade Lesson 53

Lesson 54

Sketch Draft of Chart
Grade Lesson 55


Work on Charts


Finish Chart

Type Explanation
Social Studies

Studies Weekly #13


Samuel Adams & Patrick Henry

Assign Topics to Research
Work Day (assigned topics)
Work Day (assigned topics)

Create Lesson and notes

What events led to the Boston Tea Party?
Boston Tea Party
Cause and Effect
Vocabulary— Word Wall

Facts vs. Opinions

Read "Can’t You Make Them Behave, King George?" (Journeys pp. 358-369)

Focus Question: How can people’s differences of opinion lead to a revolution?
Vocabulary Review

Reading Comprehension Questions (from yesterday’s story)
Vocabulary Review

Read "Tea Time!" (Journeys pp. 374-382)
Vocabulary Review

Compare "Can’t You Make Them Behave, King George?" and "Tea Time!"

Vocabulary Quiz

Comprehension Quiz

Focus Trait:

Pros & Cons
Prewriting: Planning a Problem-Solution Composition (Topic: Write a composition that states a problem in your community and a possible solution.)
Writing Draft with Idea-Support Map
Analyze a Model
Draft Revisions
Write Final Draft

This Week’s Memory Verse

Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.
Joshua 1:8

This Week’s Spelling List
List 20 (p. 96)
  1. choice
  2. noisy
  3. loyal
  4. destroy
  5. powder
  6. towel
  7. downtown
  8. amount
  9. our
  10. outside
  11. spoil
  12. poison
  13. Illinois
  14. annoy
  15. oyster
  16. voyage
  17. drown
  18. growl
  19. couch
  20. surround

This Week’s Vocabulary List (Quiz Friday)
  1. Advantages-- skills or situations that favor you
  2. Benefit-- something helpful and useful
  3. Boycott-- refuse to use or buy a product as a form of protest
  4. Cargo— goods carried on a ship, plane, or truck
  5. Contrary— goes against the majority; stubborn
  6. East India Company— company that had monopoly on tea sales in Britain and the Colonies
  7. Engraving— carved or etched picture
  8. Loyalists— colonists faithful to the King of England
  9. Midst— in the middle of something
  10. Monopoly— the exclusive possession or control of the supply or trade of something
  11. Objected-- expressed an opinion against something
  12. Patriots— colonists for independence; against the King of England
  13. Previously-- before something else
  14. Prohibit-- to ban or forbid something
  15. Propaganda— spreading a rumor that promotes a particular idea, often political
  16. Protest— act or speak out against something
  17. Rebellious-- acting against the authorities
  18. Redcoats— British soldiers
  19. Repeal-- to formally cancel something
  20. Sons of Liberty— Patriot group founded by Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, and others
  21. Temporary-- only meant to serve for a short time
  22. Treason— a crime of trying to overthrow your country’s government

This Week’s Tests & Quizzes
  • Thursday
    • Spelling Pre-Test
  • Friday
    • Bible Test
    • Bible Memory Verse Quiz
    • Vocabulary Quiz
    • Reading Comprehension Quiz

Upcoming Projects

Chapel This Friday
  • Song-- Luke
  • Song— Aidan
  • Prayer— Jonah

Safety Patrol Rotation

Important Dates & Upcoming Events
  • Tuesday, January 14
    • Happy Birthday, Stella!
  • Monday, January 20
    • No School (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)
  • Thursday, January 23
    • Happy Birthday, Aidan!
  • Tuesday, January 28
    • CAC Elementary Open House (6:30 PM)
  • Wednesday, January 29
    • 5th Grade Great Adventure at CAC Secondary Campus
      • 8:15-8:30— Parents and Students arrive at Secondary Campus
      • 8:30-11:45— Scheduled Activities/Meetings
      • 11:45— Dismiss for Lunch (WLR Larry’s Pizza on Highway 10)
        • $6.00 child’s pizza buffet w/ drink (add $.50 for salad bar)
        • 9.98 pizza buffet w/ water
        • $12.23 pizza buffet w/ drink
        • $6.99 salad bar (does not include tax)
      • Students are free to leave with parents.
      • Transportation will be provided for students who will be returning to school.

Resource of the Week

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Helpful Links

Classroom Resource Page (for class schedule, safety patrol rotation, textbooks, etc.)

Google Classroom (students may access this from their Google drive account)

Class ShowMe Page (video tutorials)