Weekly Memo (February 3-7)

One Week of Reading Together

"I believe that the things we put numbers on are not necessarily the things that count the most. You can’t measure the stuff that makes us human."
-Mr. Daniels (Fish in a Tree)

I’ve really enjoyed reading Fish in a Tree with our class. This week, we read the first twenty chapters together, and it’s sparked some great conversations about empathy, about how we learn, and about how God created all of us differently.

I’m looking forward to another great week of reading about Ally’s experiences in school because I know the conversations topics and questions that will come up this week. If you get a chance, grab a copy of the book and jump in with us. I promise it will spark some good conversations at home!

What We’re Learning This Week (if all goes as planned)

I’ll mark each thing we get finished, and you can check back each day to see what we were able to get accomplished (and what we didn’t quite make it to).

Computers 10:20-10:50

PE 1:25-1:55
Computers 10:20-10:50

Music 1:25-1:55
Computers 10:20-10:50

Music 1:25-1:55
Computers 10:20-10:50

PE 1:25-1:55
Field Trip to Arkansas Symphony

Library 2:10-2:40
Finish 9.2 (if necessary)

Story of Achan’s Sin (9.3)

The Story of Achan’s Sin (9.4)
Test Review

Test— Joshua, Caleb, Achan, Jericho, and entering the Promised Land

DLR- Monday

DLR- Tuesday

Adverb Clauses

DLR- Wednesday

Diagramming Adverb Clauses
DLR- Thursday

Diagramming Adverb Clauses

List #23 (p. 108)
List #23 (p. 108)
List #23 (p.109 & 110)
List #23


Rewrite missed words five times
Test (if necessary)
Grade Lesson 58

Lesson 59— Subtracting a Fraction from One
Grade Lesson 59

Lesson 60— Finding a Fraction to Complete a Whole
Grade Lesson 60

Pre-Test (12A)
Test (12B)
No Math Set
Social Studies

Declaration of Independence
Declaration of Independence
Declaration of Independence
Declaration of Independence

Fish in a Tree
(Chapters 20-23)

Journeys— "Dangerous Crossing"

Independent Reading (100,000 word goal)

Fish in a Tree (Chapters 24-31)

Journeys— "Dangerous Crossing"

Independent Reading (100,000 word goal)
Fish in a Tree (Chapters 32-37)
Fish in a Tree (Chapters 38-42)

Independent Reading (100,000 word goal)
Fish in a Tree (Chapters 42-45)

Independent Reading (100,000 word goal)
Prewriting: Planning a Problem-Solution Composition

(Topic: Write a composition that states a problem in your community and a possible solution.)

Writing Draft with Idea-Support Map
Writing Conferences & Finish Final Drafts

Writing Conferences & Finish Final Drafts

This Week’s Memory Verse

No memory verse this week.

This Week’s Spelling List
List 23 (pp. 108-111)— Homophones (these are tough!)
  1. write
  2. right
  3. buy
  4. by
  5. to
  6. too
  7. bored
  8. board
  9. it's
  10. its
  11. threw
  12. through
  13. knead
  14. need
  15. main
  16. mane
  17. past
  18. passed
  19. allowed
  20. aloud

This Week’s Vocabulary List (Quiz Thursday)
  1. Bracing— giving support to make firm; strengthen
  2. Community Service— doing a project that helps your neighborhood and its people
  3. Conduct— the act of directing; management
  4. Cramped— conflicted and emitted space
  5. Delegates— representatives for people of a certain region
  6. Distracted— drawn away from something
  7. Embark— to set out on an adventure; begin
  8. First Continental Congress— group of delegates that met in September 1774 to discuss organizing against the British
  9. Independence Day— July 4th; the day Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence
  10. Militia— a group of citizen soldiers
  11. Minutemen— Patriots who could be ready to fight in 60 seconds or less
  12. Pamphlet— a publication of several pages
  13. Pressing— demanding immediate attention
  14. Representatives— a person who acts for one or more people
  15. Revolutionary War— war fought in America from 1775-1781 to gain and maintain independence from Britain
  16. Shattered— to break into pieces by force
  17. Second Continental Congress— group of delegates that met in May of 1775 to discuss independence from Britain
  18. Surveyed— looked over the path or features of; viewed
  19. Thomas Paine— author of "Common Sense"
  20. Viewpoint— a position from which something is observed or considered

This Week’s Tests & Quizzes
  • Wednesday
    • Math Pre-Test
  • Thursday
    • Spelling Pre-Test
    • Vocabulary Quiz
    • Reading Comprehension Quiz ("Dangerous Crossing")
    • Math Test 12B
    • Bible Test
  • Friday
    • Spelling Test (if necessary)

Upcoming Projects

Chapel This TUESDAY
  • Song— Carson
  • Song— Leo
  • Prayer— Connor

Safety Patrol Rotation (UPDATED)

Important Dates & Upcoming Events
  • Friday, February 7
  • Thursday, February 13
    • Art Project at Secondary Campus
      • Transportation— Bus
      • Departure Time— 8:10 AM
      • Return Time— 10:45 AM
    • Valentine’s Day Party (2:00 PM; cafeteria)
      • Students are asked to create a Valentine box and bring it for judging
      • Boxes will be displayed for viewing in an empty classroom.
      • We will have several judges, and prizes will be awarded for the judges’ favorites.
      • Students may exchange Valentines or treats with their classmates.
  • Friday, February 14— NO SCHOOL (Teacher Workday)
  • Monday, February 17— NO SCHOOL (President’s Day)

Resource of the Week

Helpful Links

Classroom Resource Page (for class schedule, safety patrol rotation, textbooks, etc.)

Google Classroom (students may access this from their Google drive account)

Class ShowMe Page (video tutorials)