Consistency Matters

With five weeks of school under our belts, things are pretty smooth. We all have found our routines and know what to expect, and our students are no different. They’ve got their routines and there is a rhythm to their day. While those rhythms and routines are signs of a healthy school culture, it’s important we also recognize how easy it is to get complacent.

When in comfortable routines, it’s easy to coast and our awareness of some key things slips. This is the time of the year we have to refocus on being consistent, and the best way to do that is to just be aware.

Take a few moments and consider how consistent you’ve been with daily/weekly responsibilities:
  • Do you get to school on time each day?
  • Do you regularly check morning attendance and dress code?
  • Do you post detailed lesson plans on RenWeb by 8:00 every Monday morning?
  • Do you post grades on RenWeb within 72 hours of assignment (or communicating with students/parents when to expect grades to be updated)?
  • Do you attend chapel daily and sit with your class?
  • Do you report to assigned duties on time?
  • Do you submit leave requests, transportation requests, and facilities requests in a timely manner?
  • Do you hold students accountable to handbook guidelines 10 days out of 10?
  • Do you sign planners when students need a hall pass or are tardy to class?
  • Do you attend required meetings (faculty, grade-level, department, PLC, etc.)?
  • Do you turn in your lunch detention sheet on-time as needed?

What about in your classroom?
  • Do you hold students accountable to our absence and make-up work standards
  • Do you maximize your instructional time and teach bell-to-bell?
  • Do you find ways to differentiate instruction?
  • Do you find ways for students to use technology in class?
  • Do you have a regular routine in class (i.e., bell ringers or exit tickets)?

How’d you do? If you answered no to any of the questions above, make that a focus today and next week. Being aware of any inconsistencies may be all it takes to get back on track and keep going strong. I promise, it will make our school culture better and our students will definitely notice our efforts.

Thanks for making the first five weeks of school so great! Let’s keep going strong.

Positive Parent Contact Challenge

  • I’m excited about our Positive Parent Contact Challenge this month! Thank you so much for participating and encouraging our students and their parents. Here’s where we stand so far:
    • 67 total responses (65 different students)
    • 16 teachers have documented at least one positive contact (current leader with 12)
    • 6th Grade in the lead with 21 positive contacts

  • Tuesday’s inaugural Parent Appreciation Day was perfect! A big thanks to Rachel Brackins for organizing the event (at all three campuses!). Also, a special thanks to Lisa Lancaster and David Mauldin for their extra help that morning setting up and picking up the burritos. The special day was such a randomly great surprise for our parents and it put a smile on many faces.

  • The first ACT testing session of the year is in the books. Brittany Arnold did a fantastic job organizing the test administration. A special thanks to all other faculty who helped administer tests. One down; let’s do it again in October!

  • Over the weekend, Doug Killgore participated in the NIAAA State Coordinators Conference in Indianapolis, IN. As a state coordinator, Doug accepted a role of designing, delegating, and implementing Leadership Training courses within Arkansas. A big shout-out goes to Doug for being a leader in our state and representing our school on a national level.

Upcoming Events
  • Saturday, September 16— EdCamp Arkansas (FREE Professional Development) at Don Roberts Elementary 8:00-3:00 (I would HIGHLY recommend attending if you can. Click here for more information.)
  • Tuesday, September 19
    • All-School Pictures (morning; pictures taken in small gym)
    • CAC Talent Show— 7:00 PM; $5
  • Wednesday, September 20— Mustang Missions Spirit Day
  • Thursday, September 21— Family Chapel Day
  • Friday, September 22— Lights Up field trip (all day)
  • Wednesday, September 27
    • Spanish III Field Trip (9:35-2:30)
    • 8th Grade Field Trip to Ron Coleman Crystal Mines (all day)

Responsibilities for Next Week
Week A
  • Cafeteria AM— A. Jamison
  • Cafeteria PM— K. Allison
  • Parking Lot AM— M. Leverett
  • Parking Lot PM— A. Diles
  • HS Lunch— H. Cruce, D. Sullivan, & J. Gates
  • MS Lunch— J. Teigen & K. Almond
  • Chapel— D. Sullivan
  • Detention— S. Killgore

Remember, it is your responsibility to find a replacement if you are unable to cover your assigned duty. Click here for duty schedule.

Upcoming Meetings
  • PLCs (next week— 9/25-9/29

4 Values (in rank order)
  1. Model Christ
  2. Safety & Security
  3. School First
  4. Quality Instruction

Important School Documents Quick Reference

Resources Worth Checking Out For Personal and Professional Growth

Book Recommendation

About the Book (from Amazon)
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