Parents’ #1 Request

Working with young people is a roller coaster with many ups, downs, twists, and turns. Some days things couldn’t be better; some days nothing seems to go well.

From time to time those “nothing seems to go well days" turn into parent conferences, and as a principal, I’ve had my fair share of them. Typically in those conferences, I listen to the parents' concerns to understand the situation and learn their perspective, and then we try to identify the root problem and find opportunities to make things right going forward.

Negative conversations don’t make my list of favorite things about being a principal, so I rarely look forward to those meetings; however, Patrick Lencioni says, “Trust makes conflict the pursuit of truth," and I’ve found myself looking forward to the end of them because I like to identify problems and find solutions.

Regardless of the conflict— whether it’s handbook concerns (like dress code), attendance, classroom behavior, major discipline issues, social concerns with other students, or really anything else that may come up at school— I’ve come to the conclusion that parents basically all want the same one thing.

Some may think parents want special treatment or an exception to be made for the children, but rarely— if ever— does that come up.

Instead, I’ve come to the conclusion that parents routinely want one thing— consistency. They want their child to be treated just like every other child, never feeling singled out. In fact, that’s something we all want. Even when we may not like a decision or policy, as long as everyone is held to the same standard, we can live with it. It’s those times when we perceive someone is getting special treatment that our radars are up. Students are no different (and there are more of them, so there are many radars up at all times).

As we start a new grading period, take a few moments to identify one or two areas of inconsistencies that you personally need to improve. Once you’ve done that, write them down, post it on your computer monitor, and make a commitment to improve. If needed, go a step further and tell a colleague to hold you accountable.

It’s going to be a roller coaster between now and Christmas. Let’s make sure we’re consistent whether it’s an up, down, backwards, sideways, or loop-filled day.

  • Last Friday, Chris Morse experienced some bus concerns while driving the football team to Heber Springs. Coach Morse did a fantastic job managing the situation and was able to get everyone to and from the game safely. A big thanks also goes to Kevin Lloyd to his work in keeping our buses in good condition and working quickly to get things fixed when needed.

  • As you drive around campus, you’ll probably notice much of the brush and late-summer growth has been cleaned up as we gear up for winter. Our campus is looking great thanks to Richard Burton. He does a fantastic job maintaining our grounds— be sure to compliment his work next time you see him.

  • Caroline Prestridge and Sheila Killgore have schemed up a cross-curricular geology and poetry activity for our 8th graders that should be really interesting and challenging for students. It’s a great example of thinking outside the box and looking for ways to see connections across different disciplines. I can’t wait to hear their pieces of work.

  • During a recent observation in Lynnette Noble’s class, I saw a great vocabulary review strategy in action called “I have… Who has?" Watching students lead the activity and really grasp the concepts was pretty neat. In our November faculty meeting, Mrs. Noble is going to model the strategy for us, but if you can’t wait until then, ask her about it.

  • Wednesday’s PSAT testing was very smooth thanks to Carrie Vick and Jan Penrod. A big thanks to them for the prep work they did to make sure we were ready to go. Also, a big thanks to our test administrators— Kathy Holland, Erik Schramm, Lynnette Noble, and Kristy Quattlebaum. We couldn’t have done it without you!

  • Way to go, Jenna Thomas, for bringing The Math Show to CAC! It was such a fun way to add to Homecoming week, and yesterday couldn’t have gone better. I can’t wait to see what Theatre Squared has in store next year.

  • Homecoming week has been a huge success thanks to STUCO led by Melissa Leverett. It has been a CRAZY week, and today is jam-packed with activities (and a football game tonight!). A big thanks goes to Mrs. Leverett for making this week a special week time for our school community. Thanks!

  • Our Road Trip shirts arrived Wednesday, and to make sure they were distributed Thursday, a few teachers jumped in to help. A big thanks goes to Kathy Holland, Sonya Gates, Brittany Arnold, Tamara Hodges, and Ashley Jamison for staying late on our early dismissal day to help Melissa Leverett and STUCO get the job done.

Upcoming Events
  • Today— Homecoming Friday (click here for adjusted schedule)
    • Class Meetings Following Chapel
      • 6th Grade: Library
      • 7th Grade: Upstairs Hallway
      • 8th Grade: Science Wing
      • 9th Grade: Cafeteria
      • 10th Grade: Choir Room
      • 11th Grade: Atrium/Brady Garden
      • 12th Grade: Auditorium
  • Saturday, October 14— CAC Golf Tournament
  • Thursday, October 19
    • Family Chapel
    • Lunch provided by 7th grade parents (Homestyle Cookin) 😃
    • 6th Grade Coffee House (atrium; 1:30-3:00)
  • Friday, October 20— Parent-Teacher Conferences (no school)
    • Conference Times 8:00-3:30
    • Be sure to schedule conferences for students with academic and/or behavior concerns
    • Faculty Potluck 😃 (Click here for sign-up page.)
    • Sign-Up Genius is a great way to schedule conferences. If you do, adjust the display settings to read “already filled" (rather than displaying the parent’s name in the sign up list after a spot has been reserved).

  • Monday, October 23— 7th & 8th Grade Schedule Shift (tentative date— will know for sure next week and a meeting will be schedule to go over details)

Responsibilities for Next Week (October 16-20)
Week B
  • Cafeteria AM— E. Schramm
  • Cafeteria PM— C. Baber
  • Parking Lot AM— M. Leverett
  • Parking Lot PM— J. Wilhite
  • HS Lunch— L. Noble, D. Sullivan, & H. Cruce
  • MS Lunch— C. Prestridge, J. Wilhite, T. Hodges, & T. Kaye
  • Chapel— Open
    • Monday: Open (Email me if interested in leading/organizing)
    • Tuesday: Open (Email me if interested in leading/organizing)
    • Wednesday: C. Tappe
    • Thursday: Family Chapel
    • Friday: No School (P/T Conferences)
  • Detention— J. Gates

Remember, it is your responsibility to find a replacement if you are unable to cover your assigned duty. Click here for duty schedule.

Upcoming Meetings
  • This week— Department Meetings (details to come)
  • This week— 7th & 8th grade teacher meeting to discuss the schedule shift (details to come)

4 Values (in rank order)
  1. Model Christ
  2. Safety & Security
  3. School First
  4. Quality Instruction

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