Our Mission in Action

If you missed last Friday’s Senior Night, you missed a special tribute as Michael Burns’ memory was honored. It was a touching moment, and Michael’s parents were certainly thankful as evidenced by the Facebook post below.

Just as Michael’s parents were proud of our seniors, I, too, was extremely proud of them for three specific reasons Friday:
  1. The way they honored Michael was student-driven.
  2. On a night designed for seniors to make it about themselves, they made it about someone else.
  3. The senior class worked together to make it happen.

What happened Friday was evidence of our mission in action, and it was the encouragement I needed to keep striving to plant seeds and model Christ each and every day— because our students are watching and learning.

  • Jan Penrod and Sonya Gates deserve HHHHHUUUUUUGGGGGEEEEE shout-outs for the hours they spent redoing schedules for each of our 7th and 8th graders last Friday. It was an enormous task that couldn’t be done until the end of the day Friday, and Jan and Sonya stayed late to get the job done.

  • The 7th & 8th grade schedule change affected several teachers, but everyone went with the flow as we managed the change, hopped hurdles, and problem-solved along the way. Specifically, thanks to 7th grade teachers Angela Kyle, Angie Diles, Sheila Killgore, and Patrick Smith, and thanks to 8th grade teachers Christy Sherrill, Caroline Prestridge, Sheila Killgore, and Keith Almond. We couldn’t have done it without your help!

  • This week we did not have anyone officially signed up for middle school lunch duty, so a big shout-out goes to Tommy Shoemaker, Angie Diles, and Tamara Hodges for stepping up and taking on the responsibility. Thank you so much!

  • The 7th grade Drama class had the opportunity to watch CAC’s own Noah Warford perform in Goosebumps at the Arkansas Children’s Theater this past Tuesday (Halloween!). A big thanks goes to Jenna Thomas for leading the trip, and also thank you to Patrick Smith for driving the bus and chaperoning.

  • Yesterday, Mrs. Penrod and Steve Quattlebaum took a group of our seniors to Pulaski Tech to tour the campus and spend the day at PT. Experiences like this are great opportunities for our students. Way to go!

  • Doug Killgore made it back from Bangkok! He’s definitely been missed, but I know he had a great time. Be sure to give him a big welcome-back hug today (if you didn’t yesterday).

Upcoming Events

Responsibilities for Next Week (November 6-10)
Week A
  • Cafeteria AM— K. Holland
  • Cafeteria PM— K. Allison
  • Parking Lot AM— T. Hodges
  • Parking Lot PM— K. Quattlebaum
  • HS Lunch— P. Smith & C. Morse
  • MS Lunch— J. Teigen
  • Chapel— J. Thomas
    • Monday: J. Thomas
    • Tuesday: J. Thomas
    • Wednesday: Worshipful Wednesday
    • Thursday: Intercom Chapel (Drama Club meeting)
    • Friday: Chapel in Gym (Admin)
  • Detention— K. Holland

Remember, it is your responsibility to find a replacement if you are unable to cover your assigned duty. Click here for duty schedule.

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  • PLCs

4 Values (in rank order)
  1. Model Christ
  2. Safety & Security
  3. School First
  4. Quality Instruction

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