The Final Day of School

For as long as I can remember, the first day of school has always been my favorite. The energy, the excitement, the fresh start— there’s just something about it that I look forward to each year. Honestly, it’s what gets me through the summer.

And if the first day of school is my favorite, I may have to say the final day of school is my least favorite. We go, go, go, go, go, go, then stop. Abruptly. Even though the landing gear has been down for a little while, it’s almost like I never see the final day of school coming until it’s here.

Don’t get me wrong— I love the summer. I look forward to spending a week at Camp Caudle with my kids, to traveling to see family, to enjoying a week at the beach, and to slowing down and having more flexibility in my schedule. Those are all going to be great experiences; however, I’m going to miss having school because Mustang Mountain is a special place.

Even though the final day of school isn’t so much fun for me, I have some good news— the best day of the year is only 80 days away. I can’t wait!

  • Graduation was great on Sunday. A big thanks goes to Kristy Quattlebaum, Kathy Holland, Jan Penrod, Coach Quattlebaum, Karen Sullivan, and Danny Sullivan for getting everything set up and prepared for the big day. Also, a big thanks goes to everyone who stuck around for some chair ministry fellowship (aka, stacking the chairs). It was a good day, and here’s a great snapshot at their class:

  • Going to Monday’s State Championship games was so much fun, and it was great seeing so many fans there to root on the Mustangs. A big thanks goes to everyone who made the drive to Fayetteville, and an even bigger thanks goes to everyone who stepped up to help cover classes for teachers who went to the game. Also, congratulations to Coach Smith for a great season finishing as State Runners-Up and to Coach Stewart and Coach Lambert for leading their teams to state championships.

  • Today is the final day of school and it’s payday! What a way to go out. A huge shout-out is in order for Terri Dodd!

  • Congratulations to yesterday’s award winners.
    • Shout-Out Award— Jenna Thomas (16)
    • Shout-Out Runner-Up— James Wilhite & Blake McNair (14)
    • Shout-Out Third Place— Noble (13)
    • Most Days Missed for School Business— Chris Morse
    • Most likely to receive applause in chapel— Erik Schramm
    • Most likely to miss the Friday Thoughts the most next year—Jason Gates
    • 2019 CDL Recipients— Angela Kyle and Blake McNair
    • Best Attendance— Joe Gafford (½ day)
    • Best Attendance Taker— Ian Thomas
    • Early Bird Award— Danny Sullivan
    • Night Owl Award—Brittany Arnold
    • Technology Award— Janice Northen
    • Procedural Paperwork— Chris Morse
    • Dress Code Enforcer— Tamara Hodges
    • Play the Rookie Card— Gee Santos
    • Chaplain Award (Most likely to help with last-minute chapel needs)-- Ian Thomas
    • Lumberjack award (most copies)-- Sheila Killgore
    • Greenest Award (fewest copies)-- Patrick Smith
    • Coffee Hound (most likely to bum a K-Cup from someone)-- Travis Kaye (aka Travis K-cup)
    • Most Rounds at a Faculty Lunch—Matt Hall
    • Netflix and Chill Award—Travis Kaye
    • Happy Retirement—Christy Sherrill

Upcoming Events
  • Today
    • Semester Tests Day #3 (Click here for semester test schedule)
    • Final Day of School
    • Three Things Due Today
      • Teacher Checkout form (click here)
      • Online checkout form (click here)
      • Finalized grades (see Sonya with questions)
  • Tuesday, May 28
    • Semester Exam Make-Ups
  • Thursday, May 30
    • Semester Exam Make-Ups
  • Friday, May 31
    • Deadline for PD Hours for 2018-2019 school year
    • Evaluations finished and distributed (this is my goal)
  • Week of June 10
    • Teaching Assignments ADMINISTRATIVE GOAL
  • Tuesday, June 11- Wednesday, June 12
    • Google Summit at Episcopal
  • Week of June 17 (or one week from finalized teaching assignments)
    • Supply List Deadline
  • Week of June 18
    • Big Back-to-School Info Email
  • Friday, June 28
    • Mr. Collier’s Final Day in the Office
  • Mid-July
    • Aspire results should be in
  • Sunday, June 23- Saturday, July 6
    • AAA Dead Weeks
  • Monday, August 5
    • Back-to-School Inservice Begins
  • Monday, August 12
    • THE BEST DAY OF THE SCHOOL YEAR (aka the First Day of School)

Anything missing? If so, please let me know.

Responsibilities for the Summer
  • Cafeteria AM— K. Lloyd
  • Cafeteria PM— D. Mauldin
  • Parking Lot AM— R. Brackins
  • Parking Lot PM— L. Lancaster
  • Lunches— S. Gates
  • D-Hall— C. Tappe

Remember, it is your responsibility to find a replacement if you are unable to cover your assigned duty. Check the cheat sheet for the full duty schedule.

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