The End

We did it! We made it to the end. Thank you for a great year!

As you finish grades, clean up classrooms, and wind down, let me encourage you to spend some time reflecting on the year. Even though we’re tired, it’s good to write things down while they’re top-of-mind.

  • What was the best lesson you taught this year? What made it great? Write it down.
  • What lesson didn’t go as planned? What happened? Write it down.
  • What classroom rule or procedure do you wish you had implemented at the beginning of the year? Write it down.
  • What creative “next year, I want to…" ideas did you have? Write them down.
  • What are your goals for next year? Write them down.

I have a working list of improvements for next year, and I’m excited about seeing how many of those ideas I can implement to make next year better.

My notes from yesterday’s meetings are also going to be really helpful as we plan next year.

And now, I have more favor to ask you— please give me some principal-directed feedback below. I’ve used the same survey for the past three years, and I’m looking forward to getting your feedback to compare to previous years, to identify areas of improvement, and to consider new ways to make CAC better. You can complete the feedback form directly in the box below or by clicking here. Thanks!

(Hint: if completing this survey on your mobile device, turn your device sideways to reorientate the form.)

  • The Middle School STEM Activities couldn’t have gone better. Angie Diles did an AMAZING job coordinating the days’ activities, and the kids loved it. A big thanks goes to Angie and all of the teachers who helped make the past two days very fun and meaningful for our students. It was a great way to wrap up the year.
  • Sunday’s graduation ceremony went very smoothly. A big thanks to everyone to help set-up and tear down.
  • Congratulations to our teacher award winners. I have so much fun coming to school every day, and it’s because of the people I get to work with. Thank you.

Upcoming Events
  • Today— Semester Tests
    • 4th Period Test / MS Regular Schedule 8:05-9:35
    • Chapel 9:38-10:05
    • 8th Period Test / MS Regular Schedule 10:10-11:45
    • Lunch 11:45-12:10 (lunch not sold)
    • All students (grades 6-12) dismissed at 11:45.
    • Teacher Checkout & Grades Finalized before leaving.
    • Faculty dismissal at 2:30
    • State Soccer Championship Game— 4:00 PM; Fayetteville.

Summer Dates
  • Girls Soccer State Championship Game— Friday, May 19; 4:00 PM
  • Summer Reading Lists (emailed to Chad/Rachel)— Friday, May 19
  • Semester Exam Make-Ups— Monday, May 22-Thursday, May 25
  • Professional Development Completed— Wednesday, May 31
  • Teaching Assignments PERSONAL GOAL—Week of June 5
  • Classroom Chef Workshop (Math Teachers)— June 5-6 PCSSD (tentative)
  • Innovative Institute (Springdale)— June 7-8
  • Supply List Deadline— Week of June 12
  • Big Back-to-School Info Email— Week of June 19
  • Aspire Results— End of June
  • Dead Weeks— June 26-July 9
  • OrthoArkansas Sports Medicine Clinic— Wednesday, July 19
  • Back-to-School Inservice— Wednesday, August 2
  • First Day of School— Wednesday, August 9

Big Picture Calendar (

Responsibilities for Next Week

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Resources Worth Checking Out For Personal and Professional Growth

Below is the video Mr. Teigen shared in chapel yesterday.

Looking for some great summer professional development? Check out the ANSAA summer workshops by clicking the image below. CLICK HERE to register.

Book Recommendation

About the Book (from Amazon)

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  • Is it high expectations for students that matter?
  • How do great teachers respond when students misbehave?
  • Do great teachers filter differently than their peers?
  • How do the best teachers approach standardized testing?
  • How can your teachers gain the same advantages?
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  • Focusing on students first
  • Putting yourself in their position