The Fruit of Our Labor

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✔️ Senior finals
✔️ Senior chapel
✔️ Graduation Practice
✔️ Dinner and Final Senior Devo

The class of 2017 is a great group! I can still picture them in my 7th grade Bible class when I was brand new to Mustang Mountain— and they were, too. It’s been so much fun watching them grow up the past six years. I’m happy for them for reaching this milestone in their lives, but I’m also sad that they’re leaving. They’ll be missed.

For this group of seniors, we’ve planted the seeds and nurtured the relationships. We’ve invested years of our lives in them, and it’s been worth it. Because of God’s work, the fruit of our labor is evident. But our work isn’t done— not even close.

As educators, our years are cyclical. Every year we each are given a different class of students, a new group of seniors, and a fresh start. We have new opportunities to plant seeds and nurture relationships while God makes things grow.

I hope we did enough for our students this year. I also hope we do more next year (whatever that even means!).

  • Our NJHS students had a great day serving and helping with the NLR field day last Friday. A big shout-out goes to Christy Sherrill for leading our NJHS.

  • Sunday’s Choir concert was great! Tori Beach did an outstanding job designing a program that would showcase our very talented students. In addition to hearing our choirs perform, the audience was treated to a Ukulele accompaniment by the Dogtown Ukelele Band (including one of our 6th graders), a guitar accompaniment by one of our high school students, and several student solos. It was a perfect final choir concert for Mrs. Beach— she will certainly be missed.

  • AP Exams are finished! A big shout-out goes to Jan Penrod for arranging for all of our AP tests this year. The tests started last Monday and the final test was taken yesterday.

  • Monday’s Lights Up! performance was a great final show for the year for our group. Jenna Thomas and our Lights Up group do such an incredible job with their ministry, and I’m so thankful for its success. It was an awesome way to start the week, and it was great honoring Holly Cannon for the impact she made on our drama department while Jenna was out.

  • A shout-out goes to Doug Killgore for organizing our Athletic Awards assembly last Friday. It was a great way to recognize our seniors for the hard work they’ve put in while on Mustang Mountain, and the program as well-planned. Way to go, Mr. Killgore!

  • Congratulations to Tori Beach and Danny Sullivan for being selected as our Teachers of the Year. I’m so thankful for the impact these two teachers have had on our students’ lives.

  • Our annual Senior Day experienced a slight change of plans this year, but it turned out to be a great evening. Jan Penrod, Kristy Quattlebaum, Kathy Holland, Karen Sullivan, Danny Sullivan, Steve Quattlebaum, and Chad Tappe did a great job planning and leading our seniors throughout the day. As expected, Coach Sullivan kicked it off with a powerful chapel message, and the rest of the day was designed to spend time together, eat together, and reflecting on time spent at Mustang Mountain. It was an awesome day!

Upcoming Events
  • Sunday, May 14
    • Mother’s Day
    • Graduation (2:00 PM)
  • Tuesday, May 16— Academic Awards Chapel & 7th Period Semester Test (adjusted bell schedule)
    • 1st Period 8:00- 8:35 (35 min.)
    • 2nd Period 8:40- 9:15 (35 min.)
    • Academic Awards Assembly 9:15-10:15
    • 3rd Period 10:20-10:55 (35 min.)
    • 4th Period 11:00-11:45 (45 min.; regular schedule)
    • MS 5th Period 11:50-12:35 (45 min.; regular schedule)
      • HS Lunch 11:45-12:09
    • HS 5th Period 12:15-1:00 (45 min; regular schedule)
      • MS Lunch 12:35-1:00
    • 6th Period 1:05-1:50 (45 min.; regular schedule)
    • 7th Period
      • MS 7th Period 1:55-2:40 (45 min.; regular schedule)
      • HS 7th Period Semester Test 1:55-3:10 (75 min.)— HS students will be dismissed form school at 3:10
    • 8th Period
      • MS 8th Period 2:45-3:30 (45 min.; regular schedule)
      • HS 8th Period will not meet (grades 9-11)
  • Wednesday, May 17 (Click here for full semester test schedule)
    • 2nd Period Test / MS STEM Session #1 8:05-9:35
    • Chapel 9:38-10:05
    • 5th Period Test / MS STEM Session #2 10:10-11:45
    • MS/HS Lunch 11:45-12:10 (lunch not sold)
    • Faculty/Staff Lunch provided by STUCO
    • Optional HS Review Period 12:15-1:00
    • End-of-Year Faculty Meeting 1:00-2:30 (library)
    • Faculty dismissal at 3:30
  • Thursday, May 18
    • 3rd Period Test / MS STEM Session #3 8:05-9:35
    • Chapel 9:38-10:05
    • 6th Period Test / MS STEM Session #4 10:10-11:45
    • Lunch 11:45-12:10 (lunch not sold)
    • Optional HS Review Period 12:15-1:00
    • MS Faculty Meeting 1:00-2:00 (library)
    • HS Faculty Meeting 2:00-3:00 (library)
    • Faculty dismissal at 3:30
  • Friday, May 19— Semester Tests
    • 4th Period Test / MS Regular Schedule 8:05-9:35
    • Chapel 9:38-10:05
    • 8th Period Test / MS Regular Schedule 10:10-11:45
    • Lunch 11:45-12:10 (lunch not sold)
    • All students (grades 6-12) dismissed at 11:45.
    • Teacher Checkout & Grades Finalized before leaving.
    • Faculty dismissal at 2:30

Big Picture Calendar (

Responsibilities for Next Week

Week B
  • Cafeteria AM— J. Gates
  • Cafeteria PM— T. Beach
  • Parking Lot AM— T. Hodges
  • Parking Lot PM— D. Sullivan
  • HS Lunch— A. Almond, A. Stewart, & B. Arnold
  • MS Lunch— K. Allison, A. Diles, & S. Killgore
  • Chapel— Admin
  • Detention— Admin

Remember, it is your responsibility to find a replacement if you are unable to cover your assigned duty.
*Click here for complete 16-17 Duty Schedule

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