The Final Week

I like to write emails to my future self. I know that may be weird, but just add that to the list of things that make me weird (like wearing a pullover everyday, never having Mountain Dew in my life, or thinking the first day of the school year is the best day of the year).

Here’s the first email I ever sent my future self:

Subject: Essays
Date Written: November 1, 2012
Date Sent: October 12, 2013

Dear Future Me,
You probably have some essays to grade, don't you? What is the hang-up? You just powered through 50 essays in the past few days because it was the end of the nine weeks.That sounds awesome except you had them in your possession for 26 days total. That's ridiculous! Don't do that again.

-you actually like reading essays
-you really like writing comments to students
-you hate feeling guilty when you give students their papers back late
-you actually like reading essays (don't forget this)
-you learn a lot about your students by their writing
-you're keeping a writing portfolio and need as much documentation/examples as possible
-you actually like reading essays

Have fun this time. What's your goal? Two class periods later? Four? Make a goal and actually STICK WITH IT.


I still remember writing this. I was teaching 8th grade English and the idea of grading so many essays had been looming over my head for weeks. I had graded about 25 already, but I had 50 remaining and had to get them done. I was drowning, and I knew if I didn’t do something, I’d be in the same boat the next year.

After I got them graded, I wrote myself this email in November 2012 using FutureMe,* put my own email address in the “To:" field, and scheduled it be sent October 12, 2013— almost a full year later (you know, about the time essays would be rolling in for my classes).

I remember receiving that email the next year— with a stack of essays already on my desk. It was hard to read the email and argue with myself. Instead, I thought the guy who wrote the email was a genius and I did what he said. I enjoyed the process, I set a deadline, and I had a much better experience.

Nowadays, I write emails to myself all the time about almost anything— school events, conflicts, frustrations, goals, encouragement, and anything else I think I may want to be reminded of or want to do better the next year.

Let me encourage you to do that this final week of school. Tell future you about this year, the ups and downs, the “next year I’m going to do" ideas, and the “I’m never going to do ____ again" ideas. Then set the date for August, October, January, or whenever. When you get the email, you can read the work of a genius and have an opportunity to grow. As you know, “Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it."

After writing your future self an email, maybe you won’t think I’m so weird after all!

*Today, I write my future emails in Evernote (of course!) and then schedule a reminder for a future date. To be honest, the method isn’t that important and I’ll be happy to help you with it. What’s more important is actually doing it.


  • Our NJHS students had a great day serving and helping with the NLR field day last Friday. A big shout-out goes to Christy Sherrill for leading our NJHS.

  • Friday’s History Club field trip to Hot Springs may have been the coolest field trip I’ve ever gone on. A big thanks to Lynnette Noble for organizing such a fun experience. We visited the wax museum, the Gangster Museum, ate a great dinner, went on a haunted historical tour, then hung out in the Arlington Hotel for an hour looking for weird things to happen. It was awesome and a great way for the seniors to finish their last day of school.

  • Sunday’s choir concert was great! Travis Kaye and Janice Northen did an outstanding job planning the event and preparing our students. Students sang a wide range of songs, and we were able to showcase some of our most talented singers.

  • The band crushed it in chapel and in their concert on Tuesday night! A big shout-out goes to James Wilhite for his work with our program. The jazz band and drumline have been two great additions to the programs, and our students are loving it!

  • Congratulations to Tamara Hodges and Lynnette Noble for being selected as our MS and HS teachers of the year. It was great seeing these teachers being awarded for their Christian character, their classroom excellence, and their abilities to develop relationships with students. They certainly were deserving of the honor, and our school is blessed to have them.

  • Wednesday’s senior day was a whole lot of fun! Our senior class sponsors did a great job planning and leading our seniors throughout the day. As expected, Coach Sullivan kicked it off with a powerful chapel message, and the rest of the day was designed to spend time together, eat together, and reflect on time spent at Mustang Mountain. It was an awesome day!

  • Congratulations to Jason Gates for successfully making the science wing hallway smell absolutely terrible this week courtesy of their cat dissections. The smell is truly hideous.

Upcoming Events
  • Sunday, May 13
    • Mother’s Day
    • Graduation (2:00; gym)
  • Monday, May 14
    • Classroom Academic Awards Chapel (i.e., top 8th Grade English student, top Bible student, etc.)
  • Tuesday, May 15
    • Windsong Drive-Thru Breakfast (7:15-7:45 AM)
    • AP Calculus Test (off-campus)
    • Lights Up Chapel
  • Wednesday, May 16
    • AP English 11 Test (off-campus)
    • Class of 2019 Senior Portraits
  • Thursday, May 17
    • 2nd & 5th Period Semester Tests (click here for HS test schedule)
    • MS Regular Bell Schedule (click here for MS semester test schedule)
    • Regular 4:00 faculty dismissal time
  • Friday, May 18
    • 3rd & 6th Period Semester Tests (click here for HS test schedule)
    • 11:45 Dismissal for MS & HS students (click here for MS semester test schedule)
    • End of Year Faculty Meeting (12:30-1:30; choir room)
    • 2:00 Faculty Dismissal
  • Monday, May 21— LAST DAY OF SCHOOL
    • 4th & 7th Period Semester Tests (click here for HS test schedule)
    • 11:45 Dismissal for MS & HS students (click here for MS semester test schedule)
    • Faculty dismissed for summer once cleared by administrator (checklist completed)
  • Thursday, May 31— Deadline for 2017-2018 Professional Hours to be completed
    • Reminder: 2 hours of child maltreatment education are required this year

Anything missing? If so, please let me know.

Responsibilities for the Week of May 14-18
Week B
  • Cafeteria AM— A. Jamison
  • Cafeteria PM— B. Arnold
  • Parking Lot AM— S. Quattlebaum
  • Parking Lot PM— C. Baber
  • HS Lunch— C. Morse, H. Cruce, & B. Arnold
  • MS Lunch— T. Hodges, J. Thomas, & T. Kaye
  • Chapel— Admin
    • Monday— Academic Awards Chapel
    • Tuesday— Lights Up
    • Wednesday— Worshipful Wednesday
    • Thursday— Admin (regular chapel)
    • Friday— Admin & STUCO
  • Detention— Admin

Remember, it is your responsibility to find a replacement if you are unable to cover your assigned duty. Click to Download PDF of Duty Schedule.

Meeting Schedule
Friday, May 17— End of Year Faculty Meeting (12:30-1:30; choir room)

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