We had two big events on Mustang Mountain this week— the 5th Grade Great Adventure and our Middle School Open House last night. Both events are so much fun because we get the chance to show off our school and give people a glimpse into what we do on a daily basis.

Each year when we sit down to work on the event schedules, it’s evident that no amount of planning will compare with hearing what parents, students, and alumni will say when they share their perspectives. Of course Chad and I will say positive things about our school, but when others say positive things, it means so much more.

During our 5th Grade Great Adventure on Wednesday, our guests heard from a middle school parent and a panel of STUCO juniors and seniors. Then at our Open House last night, we heard from three parents, Emma Dalby (our current STUCO president), and Lindsey Chaplin (a 2017 CAC graduate and current UCA student).

As each parent and student spoke, almost every single one of them mentioned a key strength of our school— relationships. Emma, Lindsey, and our STUCO panel mentioned relationships with teachers and other students, and parents mentioned relationships with teachers and with other parents.

The fabric of our school is the relationships we build. That’s why I love the first part of our mission statement because it calls us all to the point of what we’re about— partnering with parents to help educate students. And that means developing relationships. Relationships with parents and relationships with students. Those are the things that will last, and they’re the things people love the most about us.

We certainly don’t get everything right on Mustang Mountain, but based on what we heard this week, we’re getting the right stuff right.


  • A big thanks goes to Sheila Killgore and the 8th grade class for leading his month’s Mustang Missions project— Caps for Kids. This year we raised almost $1,000 to donate to Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Awesome job!

  • This year’s 5th Grade Great Adventure was a huge success thanks to our STUCO members, Melissa Leverett, Jimmy Teigen, Tamara Hodges, Kassandra Allison, Rachel Brackins, Chad Tappe, Bradley Spencer, Blake McNair, Chris Morse, and Danny Sullivan. It’s such a fun day and one our elementary students look forward to. Let’s do it again next year!

  • I wish I could have been in chapel on Monday and Tuesday because I’ve heard our 8th graders did an excellent job leading our chapel devotionals. A big thanks goes to Caroline Prestridge for encouraging her students to step up and lead, and also for helping them prepare. The two-day week last week altered their preparation plans, but I’m glad they were able to adjust and prepare. Awesome job!

  • Last night’s Middle School Open House had a much bigger turnout than expected. In fact, we ran out seats and had to set up quite a few more chairs! A big thanks to Rachel Brackins, Jimmy Teigen, Tamara Hodges, Christy Sherrill, Angela Kyle, Caroline Prestridge, Patrick Smith, Travis Kaye, and James Wilhite for helping with the night.

  • Students in Chris Morse’s Health classes have spent the week with speakers from the Pulaski County Youth Accident Prevention Program (Y.A.P.P.). The 5-day program is all about choices and the impact of certain choices, particularly distracted driving, drug involvement, driving safety, gun safety, and many other important topics. This is a great opportunity for students to hear from outside experts and be reminded of the importance of each decision we make. I’m really thankful Chris Morse arranged for speakers from Y.A.P.P. to spend the week with our students.

  • CAC’s first-ever archery tournament is in the books— and the kids had a blast! A big thanks goes to Head Coach Sheila Killgore and Assistant Coach Doug Killgore for leading the archery program. It’s a great opportunity for students and they are really having fun. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Upcoming Events
  • Today— Lights Up Day Tour (9:00-3:00)
  • Sunday, Jan. 28— Honor Society Induction Ceremony (2:00 PM; Auditorium)
  • Monday, Jan 29-Friday, Feb. 2— Aspire English & Reading Interim Assessments (grades 6-9)
  • Tuesday, Jan. 30— 8th Grade Reality Fair (2nd-3rd periods; atrium)
  • Wednesday, Jan. 31— NHS Blood Drive (8:00-1:30; choir room)
  • Thursday, Feb. 1— Re-enrollment Deadline
  • Monday, Feb. 5- Friday, Feb. 9— Aspire Math & Science Interim Assessments (grades 6-9)
  • Wednesday, Feb. 7
    • Monthly Faculty Meeting (7:30; Library)
    • 8th Grade UALR Field Trip
  • Friday, Feb. 9— Winter Sports Senior Night
  • Saturday, Feb. 10— ACT Testing
  • Friday, Feb. 16— Faculty Inservice (8:00-3:30)
  • Tuesday, Feb.20-Thursday, Feb. 22— College Tour

Anything missing? If so, please let me know.

Responsibilities for the Week of January 29- February 2
Week A
  • Cafeteria AM— A. Kyle
  • Cafeteria PM— L. Noble
  • Parking Lot AM— C. Sherrill
  • Parking Lot PM
  • HS Lunch— J. Gates, H. Cruce, & B. Spencer
  • MS Lunch—
  • Chapel— P. Smith
    • Monday P. Smith
    • Tuesday P. Smith
    • Wednesday— Worshipful Wednesday
    • Thursday— Intercom Chapel
    • Friday— STUCO
  • Detention—

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Meeting Schedule
  • This Week— PLCs

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