When I Grow Up

A few days ago, my oldest son asked me, "Dad, did you always want to be a teacher and a principal?"

Without hesitation, I said, "Yes!"

"Even when you were my age?"

"Definitely! I’ve always wanted to be a teacher."

He asked me why and I gave him a few reasons:

  • I get to work with young people who are learning who they are and who they want to be.
  • I get to work with other adults who love kids.
  • I get to help students solve problems and make decisions.
  • I get to be involved in kids’ lives just like the adults I had in my life when I was young.
  • I get to have fun at work every day because no day is the same as the previous one.

I don’t know if I convinced him to be a teacher or not because he’s still not sure what he wants to be when he grows up, but he did say being a teacher "kind of sounds like fun." Coming from a nine year old, I’ll take that.

How would you answer those questions?

Have you always wanted to work in a school?

What are your top reasons for working at CAC?

It’s good to remember why we do what we do.

  • It was great hearing Joe Gafford’s story in our faculty meeting on Wednesday. Mr. Gafford has been a great addition to our faculty, and I’m thankful he is helping students develop their own faith just as he remembers doing as he grew up.
  • The CAC Science Olympiad Tournament went well for Erik Schramm and our students on Wednesday. In part of their preparation for future tournaments, Mr. Schramm scheduled this school-only event to give students additional competitive practice and project deadlines. It was a big success and it will helps our team take one more step closer to state.
  • Split Chapel was really good yesterday. A big shout-out goes to Sheila Killgore for encouraging Tessa Spears and helping her prepare to lead the girls’ chapel. Also, a big shout-out goes to Chad Tappe and Danny Sullivan for leading the guys’ chapel.
  • In Dr. Tim Vick’s Bible classes, students recently researched and debated some pretty heavy topics that many Christians struggle with today (I.e., Should Christians fight in wars? Is the death penalty right or wrong? How should Christians respond about immigration?) As in any debate, students weren’t required to defend their beliefs; rather, they were to argue one side and defend with scripture and research. Students took the assignment seriously and wrestled admirably. An assignment like this can be tough, but Dr. Vick kept the expectation level high and the students did great.

Upcoming Events
  • Tuesday, January 29
    • Miss Selma’s Day
    • 11th Grade Level Meeting-- 7:45-8:15 AM (conference room)
    • 6th Grade Level Meeting— 3rd period (conference room)
    • 7th Grade Level Meeting— 4th period (conference room)
  • Wednesday, January 30
    • 10th Grade Level Meeting-- 7:45- 8:15 AM (conference room)
  • Thursday, January 31
    • Family Chapel
    • 8th Grade Level Meeting— 4th period (conference room)
  • Friday, February 1
    • 9th – Friday 7:45-8:15 AM (conference room)
    • 12th – Friday 7:45-8:15 AM (Mrs. Holland's room)
    • Chick-Fil-A Leader Academy Session #4— 7:30-8:45 (Choir room)
  • Tuesday, February 5
    • Senior Night (winter sports)
  • Wednesday, February 6
    • Faculty Meeting (7:30 AM; library)
    • 6th Grade Field Trip to the Innovation Hub (morning)

Anything missing? If so, please let me know.

Responsibilities for the Week of January 28-February 1
Week B
  • Cafeteria AM— J. Wilhite
  • Cafeteria PM— T. Kaye
  • Parking Lot AM— A. Diles
  • Parking Lot PM— J. Gafford
  • Lunches— Coaches
  • D-Hall— C. Morse
  • Chapel
    • Monday- B. Arnold
    • Tuesday— B. Arnold
    • Wednesday— Worshipful Wednesday (C. Tappe)
    • Thursday— Family Chapel
    • Friday— STUCO Chapel (L. Noble)

Remember, it is your responsibility to find a replacement if you are unable to cover your assigned duty. Check the cheat sheet for the full duty schedule.

Resources Worth Checking Out For Personal and Professional Growth

Book Recommendation

4 Values (in rank order)
  1. Model Christ
  2. Safety & Security
  3. School First
  4. Quality Instruction

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