The Power of Pre-decisions

This past Sunday, Dr. Mark Batterson shared a great message with his congregation at the National Community Church in Washington, D.C., about the importance of making pre-decisions. In his message, Dr. Batterson explained the phenomenon of "decision fatigue" and the impact it has on each of us daily. Because decision making is a mental exercise, it’s easy to lose stamina just like it is with physical exercise. Some experts estimate we face over 35,000 decisions each day, and if so, the idea of decision fatigue makes sense.

Making decisions is hard, and that’s why it’s important to make decisions when we’re fresh— when emotions and fatigue are both minimal. It’s why it’s best to have a plan in August and set the expectations for the year rather than doing it as the year progresses, because once the year starts, life speeds up and we have to make decision after decision and it’s easy to fatigue and wear down.

But I have good news— a new semester is a great time to re-start. It’s a great time to renew our energy and start off the year on a the right foot. Making decisions is hard and it does fatigue us, but while we’re fresh off the break, it’s a great time to set the course for this semester.

I’m looking forward to a great semester and I hope you are, too. To avoid decision fatigue, make decisions now for how you plan to respond in certain situations and clearly communicate those expectations to your students before things speed up. At a rate of over 35,000 decisions a day, making pre-decisions seems like wise advice.

  • Our 6th grade-led Mustang Mission project was included in the December Stewpot Newsletter. It represents the spirit and heart of our kids to serve others, and I’m so thankful for Mustang Missions and the impact it has those around us.

  • Carrie Vick and Sonya Gates did a great job working through schedules and helping the start of this semester go so smoothly. They’ve done an outstanding job, and I’m so thankful for them.
  • So far, the new online leave request system has worked great thanks to Janice Northen and Hayden Cruce. I hope it helps us streamline the process and make sure we’re communicating when everyone will be gone and when classes will be covered.
  • This has been a great start to a new semester— thank you. It’s going to be a busy semester with lots of great things happening, but as long as we all work together and are on the same page, we can handle it.

Upcoming Events

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Responsibilities for the Week of January 14-18
Week B
  • Cafeteria AM— A. Diles
  • Cafeteria PM— T. Kaye
  • Parking Lot AM— T. Vick
  • Parking Lot PM— T. Vick
  • Lunches— Coaches
  • D-Hall—
  • Chapel— T. Hodges
    • Monday— 6th Grade Boys (T. Hodges)
    • Tuesday— Jonathan Storment (T. Hodges)
    • Wednesday— Worshipful Wednesday (C. Tappe)
    • Thursday— Family Chapel
    • Friday— STUCO Chapel (L. Noble)

Remember, it is your responsibility to find a replacement if you are unable to cover your assigned duty. Check the cheat sheet for the full duty schedule.

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