Teaching is hard— but worth it

It’s hard to believe we’re already ending our second week of November! The football playoffs are here, winter sports are getting up and going, and we’re all moving right along. As with most things, it’s easy to get in a routine, go through our day-to-day motions, and take for granted how blessed we are to be educators.

The only people who say teaching is easy are people who have never done it.

Teaching is hard.

Working with students is hard.

Dealing with difficult or needy parents is hard.

Watching students learn responsibility is hard.

And although it is challenging, teaching is the most rewarding profession there is.

During times like this when things are rote and routine, make every attempt to remember how blessed we are. Every day we are put in a position to influence our students for the rest of their lives.

Take advantage of opportunities to talk with students during lunch and in the hallways.

Use your class time to really engage students, challenging them and building them up. Student contact time is a precious commodity and it often seems like one thing or another takes from class time.

Things will always come up and classes shortened; however, when students are in our classrooms, we must take full advantage of that time. When given the option of helping students or doing anything else, choose the one that will help students the most. If working with students directly means papers don’t get graded as fast, that’s a trade-off I’d take every time. If you fall too behind in grading papers, perhaps we can find another way to assess student learning that doesn’t take away from direct instruction.

Let me encourage you to enjoy your time with students and make every effort to really work with them directly. Be creative, plan some outstanding lessons, and really engage your classes. As you already know, the school year goes by fast. After all, it’s already November!


  • The CAC election on Tuesday was a lot of fun and a good experience for our students. Rachel Brackens, Lynnette Noble, and Chad Tappe did a great job organizing the event and getting all of our students through in a timely manner. Let’s do it again in four years!

  • The Rep trip— all 120 juniors and seniors— went really well. The students loved it and they did a fantastic job representing our school. A big thanks goes to Jenna Thomas, Brittany Arnold, and Danny Sullivan for going as chaperones. Also, thanks to James Wilhite, Hayden Cruce, and Andy Stewart for helping out with transportation. Also, I want to say thanks to Melissa Leverett for helping plan out the details and ironing out the last minute details. It was a huge help!

  • The History Club has had a busy two weeks with their field trip last week to Memphis and today’s Veterans Day assembly. A big shout-out goes to Lynnette Noble, Steve Quattlebaum, and Keith Almond for making the Memphis trip great last week, and today’s assembly is going to be really special because Lynnette, Steve, and the history club have put in some serious work planning it all out. We’ll have quite a few guests on campus today, and I’m thankful our school will get to honor them and say thanks for their service to our country.

  • As we discussed in the faculty meeting yesterday, we had a really good turnout at our alumni dinner in Jonesboro on Tuesday. A big thanks goes to Danny Sullivan, Brittany Arnold, Jan Penrod, and Chad Tappe for investing their time for such a worthwhile trip. The feedback we received is invaluable, and I’m looking forward to planning other alumni get-togethers in the future.

  • Our math and science Aspire testing this week went pretty well thanks to Jason Gates, Janice Northen, James Wilhite, and Carrie Vick. This time around, the process was very smooth and students were able to complete everything in a timely manner.

  • On Wednesday, Tamara Hodges, Jimmy Teigen, Angie Diles, Zac Stewart, Caroline Prestridge, Miranda Johnson, and Brittany Arnold spent some time diving into the test data from the recent English and reading tests. Our scores were really good with some areas for improvement, and the ideas are already flowing for how the data can be used to help drive instruction. I can’t wait to see it in action over the next week!

Upcoming Events
  • Friday, November 11— Veterans Day Chapel Special Assembly (adjusted morning bell schedule)
    • 8:00-8:40 1st Period (40 min.)
    • 8:45-9:25 2nd Period (40 min.)
    • 9:30-10:20 Chapel Assembly
    • 10:25-11:00 3rd period (35 min.) / Reception in Atrium for Veterans and families
    • 11:05-11:45 4th Period (40 min.)
    • 11:45-3:30 Regular Bell Schedule

  • Wednesday, November 16— Emergency Drill (4th period)

  • Thursday, November 17
    • STUCO Chick-Fil-A Leader Academy (7:30-8:45 AM)
    • Family Chapel Day

  • Week of Monday, November 21- Friday, November 25— Thanksgiving Break

Responsibilities for Next Week
Week B
  • Cafeteria AM— J. Teigen
  • Cafeteria PM— A. Jamison
  • Parking Lot AM— K. Holland
  • Parking Lot PM— A. Stewart
  • HS Lunch— A. Jamison, M. Leverett, C. Sherrill, & D. Sullivan
  • MS Lunch— M. Johnson, C. Prestridge, & B. Spencer
  • Chapel— C. Sherrill
  • Detention— A. Stewart

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