Their Words, Not Mine
We had two big events on Mustang Mountain this week— the 5th Grade Great Adventure and our Middle School Open House last night. Both events are so much fun because we get the chance to show off our school and let people see what we do on a daily basis.

Each year when we sit down to work on the event schedules, it’s evident that no amount of planning will compare with hearing what parents, students, and alumni will say when they share their perspectives. Of course I’m going to say positive things about our school, but when others say positive things, it means so much more.

During our 5th Grade Great Adventure on Wednesday, our guests heard from a middle school parent and then had a discussion with our STUCO panel. Then at our Open House last night, we heard from three parents, three students, and we also FaceTimed with two of our recent graduates— Lynley Childress and Caroline Leverett. That’s right, with a choir room full of Open House guests, we FaceTimed LIVE with Lynley and Caroline from their Lipscomb University dorm room. It was awesome and they did a great job!

As each parent and student spoke, every single person mentioned the one key strength of our school— relationships. Students mentioned relationships with teachers and other students. Parents mentioned relationships with teachers and with other parents. And our two college representatives focused on the relationships they built on our campus with their teachers and their friends.

The fabric of our school is the relationships we build. That’s why I love the first part of our mission statement because it calls us all to the point of what we’re about— partnering with parents to help educate students. And that means developing relationships. Relationships with parents and relationships with students. Those are the things that will last, and they’re the things people love the most about us.

We certainly don’t get everything right on Mustang Mountain, but based on what we heard this week, we’re getting the right stuff right.

  • Karen has done a tremendous job this week as we’ve navigated and learned more about our server issues. I can’t thank her enough for her efforts in getting us back up and running. If you haven’t thanked her (and I know many of you have been all week!), be sure to do so.

  • On Saturday, Tori Beach led our HS Choir to sing the National Anthem at the Memphis Grizzlies game. Our kids did a tremendous job! If you haven’t heard our performance, click the image below for a portion of it. It was a great night and an experience all of our kids will remember! Awesome job.

  • This year’s 5th Grade Great Adventure was a huge success thanks to our STUCO members, Melissa Leverett, Jimmy Teigen, Tamara Hodges, Kassandra Allison, and Danny Sullivan. It’s such a fun day and one our elementary students look forward to. Let’s do it again next year!

  • Last night’s Middle School Open House had a much bigger turnout than expected. In fact, we ran out seats and had to set up quite a few more chairs! A big thanks to Rachel Brackens, Jimmy Teigen, Tamara Hodges, Christy Sherrill, Angie Diles, and Caroline Prestridge for helping with the night.

  • Our first 8th grade college tour was really great yesterday! Jan Penrod, Carrie Vick, Miranda Johnson, Caroline Prestridge, Christy Sherrill, and James Wilhite led all of 70 of our 8th graders on an admissions tour of UA Little Rock (formerly UALR). It was a great experience for our students to help get them thinking about college, and they did a tremendous job. We were very proud of them.

  • We ran into a mini P: drive crisis yesterday as we couldn’t print the Honor Society Induction Ceremony certificates or programs for Sunday’s ceremony. With some creative thinking, Sonya Gates, Jan Penrod, and Carrie Vick were able to create a different way to print the certificates and have them ready for the ceremony.

  • Мы сделали это через наш второй пятидневной рабочей недели семестра. Путь пойти! (Click here to translate)

Upcoming Events

  • Today
    • Chick-Fil-A Leader Academy Session (7:30-8:45)
    • Honor Society Induction Ceremony practice after chapel (students will miss part of 3rd period)

Responsibilities for Next Week
Week A
  • Cafeteria AM— S. Quattlebaum
  • Cafeteria PM— C. Prestridge
  • Parking Lot AM— L. Noble
  • Parking Lot PM— H. Cruce
  • HS Lunch— A. Jamison, M. Leverett, C. Sherrill, & D. Sullivan
  • MS Lunch— M. Johnson, C. Prestridge, & B. Spencer
  • Chapel— Z. Stewart
  • Detention— C. Sherrill

*Click here for complete 16-17 Duty Schedule

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