The Baseball Hall of Fame

On Wednesday, the Baseball Hall of Fame (HOF) published the list of players who have been chosen for the 2017 Hall of Fame induction class. Each year the voting causes controversy and discussion in the sports world, especially regarding players involved in the steroid era of baseball. Should Barry Bonds be voted in? What about Roger Clemens? Sammy Sosa?

Certainly, from a numbers perspective, all three of these players are deserving of the HOF honor.
  • Barry Bonds hit a major league record 762 home runs in his career and holds the single-season home run record with 73.
  • Roger Clemens won a record 7 Cy Young awards (given to the league's best pitcher) and won 354 games over a 24-year career.
  • Sammy Sosa hit 609 career home runs and had a 4-year stretch of hitting more than 61 homers per season. (Roger Maris held the major league record for home runs in a season at 61 until it was broken in the 1998 season by Mark McGwire, who is also not a member of the HOF due to steroid use.)

So why haven’t these three players been selected to the Hall of Fame? It’s not because of the results; it’s because of the process.

They cheated.

They focused so much on the results, they were willing to do anything in the process. And it cost them.

I cringe when students focus solely on class rank, GPA, ACT scores, and honors because those things are results and often times out of their control.

Instead, I try to help students understand that they are the result of a sound practices like
  • Developing good study habits
  • Paying attention in class
  • Taking comprehensive notes
  • Staying organized
  • Working extra when things are difficult
  • Asking for help
  • Balancing academic life and social life
  • Reading for pleasure (not just for school)

It’s our responsibility to teach our students to focus on the things they can control and to trust the process. If so, the results will take care of themselves.

Had Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Sammy Sosa learned those lessons, they might all have a plaque hanging in Cooperstown. Maybe. Maybe not. Let the debate begin.

  • Even though we didn’t have school on Monday, our football coaches invited a coach to spend the day with them talking about team building and X’s and O’s. On top of that, the entire coaching staff is currently reading Above the Line by Urban Meyer and meeting weekly to discuss a couple of chapters to help them grow as a staff and a more unified football team. A big shout-out goes to Tommy Shoemaker for his leadership and to Chris Morse, Hayden Cruce, Jordan Watson, & Zac Stewart. They do an amazing job and I can’t wait to see how this book strengthens the culture of the team.

  • Richard Burton made it back safely from Myanmar which is great. He did some amazing things and had a great time— but that’s not the most shout-out worthy thing he did this week. No, he deserves a HUGE shout-out for two words: manual flushing. Thanks, Richard.

  • We’re rocking and rolling with our Aspire Interim II testing. For this go-round, we’re doing the testing a little bit different than usual (I believe that’s called “action research" in the eduction realm), so there have been a few hurdles along the way. However, everyone has been really patient and accommodating as needed. A big thanks to Carrie Vick and Janice Northen for making it all run, and also to Karen Sullivan for having our computers up-to-date with the TestNav software. Also, thanks to Sheila Killgore, Kassandra Allison, Brittany Arnold, Angie Diles, and Hayden Cruce for their patience as we iron out the kinks.

  • I’ve received family chapel discussion notes from several teachers already, and it’s exactly the kind of the things we’re looking for. I’ve heard many positive stories from the discussion, and it seems like it went very well. Thank you so much for spending the time listening to our students’ concerns and sharing them with us. I hope the time was beneficial for you.

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