I got beat in chess by a student… again… and I’m officially out of the chess tournament organized by Mr. Santos.

There was nowhere to hide in the library when I heard "checkmate," and the worst thing about it was I didn’t see the move coming. One minute I’m moving my bishop to set up my genius five-step attack, and the next minute my opponent’s queen moves and I had no place for my king to go. Checkmate.

I can make up all the excuses I want about why I lost, but it really doesn’t matter. I got beat pretty soundly by a student.

And I’m glad other students saw it happen. Really— I’m ok with it.

Students need to see us not be good at something and struggle and fail because that’s what learning is. They need to see us rebound and not quit when things don’t go our way. They need to see us try something new and risk failing.

As adults, sometimes we don’t want to do that, but we should be comfortable taking risks and use those times to model appropriate responses when things don’t quite go our way— just like when I heard "checkmate."

(PS— we’re now down to 13 marbles remaining)

  • We’re so thankful Carrie Vick made it back safely from Haiti. Her story is amazing and it’s a testament to God’s faithfulness. I’m thankful for Carrie’s example for our students and the way she shows Christ to them.

  • Richard Burton helped pull a student’s car from a ditch after the student slid off the road earlier this week. Richard’s solution for pulling out the car was very clever and it worked great! A huge shout-out goes to Richard for helping in such a big way.

  • A big thanks goes to Dr. Tim Vick for volunteering to monitor after-school detention this week.

Upcoming Events
  • Today
    • Week A (again) for 7th & 8th grade 4th period rotations
    • State Wrestling Tournament at UALR (all day)
    • Varsity Girls Basketball Regional Tournament Semi-Final Game— 4:00 PM at Perryville (click here to watch live stream of games)
  • Saturday, February 23
    • State Wrestling Tournament (UALR)
    • State Swim Meet (Bentonville)
    • With win Friday, Varsity Girls Basketball Regional Tournament Final— 6 PM at Perryville (click here to watch live stream of games)
  • Monday, February 25
    • Guest Speaker— Internet Safety
      • Regular Bell Schedule
      • 9th Grade will eat lunch with MS students (11:45-12:10)
      • 11:00-12:00— 10-12 Grade Assembly
      • 12:15-1:00— 7-9 Grade Assembly
        • some 6th graders will attend
      • 6:00 PM— Parent Presentation (atrium)
  • Tuesday-Friday, February 26-March 1
    • Grade Level Meetings
  • Thursday, February 28
    • Family Chapel
  • Friday, March 1
    • Chick-Fil-A Leader Academy Meeting/Project (7:30-9:35)
    • Week B for 7th & 8th grade 4th period rotations
  • Sunday, March 4
    • College Tour Leaves
  • Tuesday, March 5
    • Screenagers— PA; 6 PM (free)
  • Wednesday, March 6
    • Faculty Meeting— 7:30 AM; Library
    • College Tour Returns
  • Thursday, March 7
    • Faculty Lunch Provided
  • Friday, March 8
    • Matinee Performance of Little Mermaid
  • Saturday, March 9
    • Little Mermaid— 7 PM
  • Sunday, March 10
    • Little Mermaid— 2 PM
  • Monday, March 11
    • Little Mermaid— 7 PM
  • Wednesday, March 13
    • End of 3rd Grading Period
    • 2:00 Early Dismissal (students); 4:00 (faculty/staff)
  • Monday, March 18-Friday, March 22
    • Spring Break!

Anything missing? If so, please let me know.

Responsibilities for the Week of February 25- March 1
  • Cafeteria AM— K. Holland
  • Cafeteria PM— C. Sherrill
  • Parking Lot AM— D. Sullivan
  • Parking Lot PM— K. Quattlebaum
  • Lunches— Coaches
  • D-Hall— L. Noble
  • Chapel
    • Monday— C. Morse
    • Tuesday— C. Morse
    • Wednesday— Lights Up
    • Thursday— Family Chapel
    • Friday— STUCO chapel (L. Noble)

Remember, it is your responsibility to find a replacement if you are unable to cover your assigned duty. Check the cheat sheet for the full duty schedule.

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