Learning to Walk
The Collier family is currently in the “the baby is going to walk any day now" season. Kennedy, our youngest, has been on the verge of walking for about a month now, but it just hasn’t caught on for her. She’ll give the walking thing a few attempts, but she finds crawling suits her needs just fine— no matter how many times we teach her to walk. We know once she starts walking that she’ll be more mobile, more efficient, more comfortable, and moving around will be much better for her, but she hasn’t connected those dots yet. She hasn’t seen the true value of learning to walk and she doesn’t know the failed attempts and face plants are worth it. Instead, she’s content to crawl and let the learning-to-walk stage continue one more day.

School can be like learning to walk for some students. Learning is hard. It’s uncomfortable. It’s hard to see the value. It’s easier to be content and not stretch than to fail and face plant.

And that’s hard for us to see because we know it’s worth it. We see the other side and know how much better our students’ lives will be, and we just want that so badly for them— just as I want Kennedy to start walking.

She will when she’s ready. Until then, we’ll just keep teaching her, encouraging her, and helping her get up when she falls.

That’s what we need to do for our students as well. Learning is hard and students need to be encouraged. They’re going to fail and need our help getting back up. That’s the only way they’ll truly grow and see the value, and it’s our job to walk alongside them each step of the way.

  • Congratulations to the newest members of the CDL club— Angela Kyle and Blake McNair! After preparing for the test over the summer, they both passed their tests on the first attempt this past Wednesday. Big thank yous go out to Richard Burton, Jordan Watson, and Hayden Cruce for coaching them up and showing them the ropes.

  • Fall sports picture day was pretty smooth yesterday thanks to Kristy Quattlebaum and the yearbook staff. We have a lot of kids who participate in a lot of activities, but everything went as planned and on schedule.

  • CAC’s first “Vick’s Court of Appeals" took place this past week in Dr. Vick’s Bible class. The appeal opportunity is available the day following a big test, and students are given the chance to argue in front of the class (in a respectful manner, of course) an answer that was marked incorrect, using scriptural proof, class notes, or a valid reason as evidence. Should the student provide a sufficient argument, the grade is overturned and points are awarded. Be sure to ask Dr. Vick how the first court of appeals went this week.

  • Sheila Killgore was determined to get her classes’ crystallization lab to work correctly, and this year it did! Mrs. Killgore had to make a few on-the-fly changes to make the lab work, and with some help from Kevin Lloyd, she was able to use the microwaves in the teacher’s lounge to get the temperature right for the lab. The students’ work is really creative and hopefully it will help crystallize the lesson for them (see what I did there?). Stop by Mrs. Killgore’s room to check out the pieces.

  • As I do each year at this time, I’d like to give a shout-out to U.S. Senator James H. Kyle, the Father of Labor Day. Thanks to Senator Kyle’s contributions, we will be observing Labor Day on Monday.

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Responsibilities for the Week of September 3-7
Week A (because we will not have school on Monday)
  • Cafeteria AM— S. Killgore
  • Cafeteria PM— A. Almond
  • Parking Lot AM— T. Hodges
  • Parking Lot PM— B. Arnold
  • Lunches-- Coaches
  • D-Hall— TBD
  • Chapel— A. Almond
    • Monday— No School
    • Tuesday— A. Almond
    • Wednesday-- Worshipful Wednesday
    • Thursday— Family Chapel Kick-Off
    • Friday— STUCO; Homecoming Voting

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