All The Places To Go

Our annual “Evening at CAC" is tonight, and I’m excited about our guest speaker this year— John Ortberg, author of several books, including Soul Keeping, All The Places To Go, and The Life You’ve Always Wanted. John has also published numerous small group Bible studies that my life groups have used over the past several years.

When I heard John would be our speaker this year, I began reading All the Places To Go. (By the way, yesterday Coach Morse and I had a great discussion about Oh, The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss. That is a different book, but Mr. Ortberg did write his book based on the Dr. Seuss classic.)

All The Places To Go is a book about helping people see the countless doors God opens up before us everyday and giving readers the courage to walk through those doors with faith. In the book, John writes:

Very often God’s will for you will be "I want you to decide," because decision making is an indispensable part of character formation. God is primarily in the character-forming business, not the circumstance-shaping business.

This is a message for all of us at CAC. It’s our job to help equip, teach, mentor, and encourage students to make character-forming decisions. Each day, we have the opportunity to pour wisdom into our students and model Christ for them with a hope they will seek God’s will and grow in their faith and in character. That’s quite a challenge, but it’s what we’re called to do.

I’m confident John Ortberg will do an outstanding job tonight, and I’m looking forward to having him with us.


  • On Wednesday, our school raised $785 to send to Manna Global School in the Dominican Republican. The Mustang Mission project was led by our 9th grade class, and a thank you goes to Tommy Shoemaker for helping lead the project.

  • Good luck to Erik Schramm and the Science Olympiad team in the State Tournament tomorrow at UALR!

  • Richard Burton, David Mauldin, and Kevin Lloyd have been working hard to prepare for tonight’s Evening at CAC. The Brady Garden looks awesome with newly planted flowers, and the atrium and entrance to our school is looking great. Be sure to give them a big thank you next time you see them.

  • A big thanks goes to Kristy Quattlebaum, the yearbook staff, and our coaches for making the spring sports pictures go so smoothly. Other than it being a little chilly, it couldn’t have gone better and students were in-and-out quickly without missing too much class.

  • Congratulations to Sonya Gates— the 2018 CAC Tournament Bracket Challenge Champion!

Upcoming Events
  • Friday, April 6
    • Cyber Day #2 Assignments Due
    • Evening at CAC Dinner (6:00 VIP Tickets; 6:30 PM General Admission)
  • Saturday, April 7— Science Olympiad State Tournament (UALR)
  • Monday, April 9— Junior Parent Meeting with Jan (6:30 PM)
  • Tuesday, April 10— Split chapel (Girls in Atrium; Boys in Auditorium)
  • Wednesday, April 11- Friday, April 13— Space Camp (6th Grade)
  • Thursday, April 12— HS Choir State Festival (7:00-9:30; UCA)
  • Tuesday, April 17— 10th Grade Field Trip
  • Thursday, April 19— Family Chapel (last one of the year)
  • Friday, April 20
    • Aspire Summative Testing (grades 6-9); 2:00 dismissal
    • No School for students 10-12 grades
    • Parade of Dates & JR/SR Banquet (6 PM)
  • Wednesday, May 2— ACCESS Gators Track Meet / Day of Service

Anything missing? If so, please let me know.

Responsibilities for the Week of April 9-13
Week B
  • Cafeteria AM— A. Almond
  • Cafeteria PM— K. Holland
  • Parking Lot AM— E. Schramm
  • Parking Lot PM— K. Almond
  • HS Lunch— C. Morse, H. Cruce, & J. Gates
  • MS Lunch— A. Kyle, K. Allison, & S. Killgore
  • Chapel— K. Allison
    • Monday— K. Allison
    • Tuesday— K. Allison
    • Wednesday— Worshipful Wednesday (C. Tappe)
    • Thursday— Intercom Chapel
    • Friday— STUCO
  • Detention— Volunteer Needed (Coach Smith will trade other responsibilities.)

Remember, it is your responsibility to find a replacement if you are unable to cover your assigned duty. Click to Download PDF of Duty Schedule.

Meeting Schedule
  • This Week: Grade-Level Meetings

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