“I’ll Do Whatever"
We’ve been here before. At this time last year (and the year before and the year before that), I wrote in the Friday Thoughts about all the things happening on Mustang Mountain. I wrote about the craziness going on at school as we were planning the banquet, standardized testing, the ACCESS Gators meet, the Day of Service, and many other projects— and in each of those cases, every time I asked someone to help out, I heard the same thing: “I’ll do whatever."

Fast forward to this year, and things are exactly the same— maybe even better. Here’s a quick list of all the ways I’ve seen everybody step up and help out as needed lately:
  • An Evening at CAC
  • Standardized Testing
  • Parade of Dates & JR/SR Banquet
  • Chaperoning the Space Camp & Lights Up trips
  • Covering Classes (when we’re short on substitutes)
  • Helping with Fine Arts events
  • Driving buses for Field Trips
  • ACCESS Gators/Day of Service
  • Cutting yarn in the auditorium
  • Blowing up 2,018 balloons after school

Every year I hear comments about how “this year is the craziest it’s ever been," but I’m not sure that’s true. They’re all equally crazy. These final two months of school are a sprint to the finish with a trip, game, ceremony, event, or program every night of the week, and without an “I’ll do whatever" faculty, I don’t know what we’d do!

Over the next few weeks, I’m sure several more needs will pop up, but I’m also sure we’ll help out as needed— because that’s what we do. Thank you.

  • Congratulations to Janice Northen for completing her Google level 2 certification. Janice’s passion for instructional technology is evident, and I’m excited to learn from Janice new ways we can incorporate technology to engage students.

  • Aspire testing is complete thanks to Carrie Vick and Jan Penrod. Last Friday’s testing day went really well, make-up tests were given earlier this week, and everything was shipped off yesterday. I’m thankful for all the work Carrie and Jan put into this year’s testing, and I’m looking forward to analyzing the results this summer.

  • Friday’s Parade of Dates and JR/SR Banquet were lots of fun and the kids had a great time. A HUGE thanks goes to Sarah Chunn, Brittany Arnold, Lynnette Noble, Chelsea Baber, Jenna Thomas, and Rachel Brackins for the countless hours they put in to make the event such a memorable experience for our students.

  • A big thanks goes to the yearbook staff and Kristy Quattlebaum for this year’s yearbook. Monday’s awards and distribution went great, and our students are having a great time reliving this year. Awesome job!

  • Monday’s Solo & Ensemble / Art Show Night was a great event for our Fine Arts programs. Chelsea Baber and James Wilhite combined two separate events that gave our students an opportunity to display or perform their talent. The feedback from the event was extremely positive, and it was a special night for our students. A big thanks goes to Chelsea and James for creating such a fun event, and also a thanks goes to Travis Kaye for his assistance.

  • It’s quite a rare honor to have a student named the Naismith Player of the Year, and coordinating the trophy presentation isn’t the easiest task. A big thanks goes to Hayden Cruce for working with the Atlanta Tipoff club to coordinate this week’s presentation for Christyn.

  • Our Day of Service project sign-ups and ACCESS athlete sign-ups are just about complete thanks to Rachel Brackins. This year seems to be the smoothest it’s ever been, and a major reason is because of Rachel.

  • Our Lights Up troupe is currently on tour in Nashville led by Jenna Thomas, Melissa Leverett, and Doug Killgore. These three certainly deserve a shout-out for investing their time in such a worthwhile trip.

  • On Wednesday, we had a surprise activity for our seniors during 5th period that involved 2,018 balloons. A big thanks goes to Jan Penrod, Karen Sullivan, Danny Sullivan, Lynnette Noble, Steve Quattlebaum, Carrie Vick, Kristy Quattlebaum, Kathy Holland, Brittany Arnold, Rachel Brackins, and Chad Tappe for staying after school on Tuesday to blow up 2,018 balloons and for helping set up the surprise activity.

  • Yesterday was Poem in your Pocket Day, and thanks to Ian Thomas, we were all reminded of it yesterday when we walked into school. Way to go, Ian!

Upcoming Events
  • Sunday, April 29— Lights Up tour returns
  • Monday, April 30
    • Athletic Awards Chapel
    • Senior Exemption Lists
  • Tuesday, May 1— Academic Scholarship Signing Day
  • Wednesday, May 2— ACCESS Gators Track Meet / Day of Service
  • Friday, May 4
    • MS Choir Mass Rehearsal— 1st Period (8:00-8:45); Regular bell schedule remainder of day
    • NJHS Field Day at NLR campus (9:00-2:30)
    • History Club Field Trip (1:00-late)
    • Deadline of Academic Award names to be sent to Mrs. Lillard (i.e., top 8th Grade English student, top Algebra II student, etc.)
  • Saturday, May 5-6— Band Tour
  • Sunday, May 6— Spring Choir Concert (2:00; auditorium)
  • Monday, May 7
    • AP Chemistry Test
    • Senior Exams (9:00-11:15; cafeteria; click here for senior exam schedule)
  • Tuesday, May 8
    • AP Spanish Test
    • Senior Exams (9:00-11:15; cafeteria; click here for senior exam schedule)
    • Spring Band Concert (6:00 PM; auditorium)
    • Sports Physicals (6:30 PM; gym)
  • Wednesday, May 9
    • Senior Exams (9:00-11:15; cafeteria; click here for senior exam schedule)
    • Senior Chapel Day Schedule
      • 8:00-8:45— 1st Period (45 min.)
      • 8:50-9:35— 2nd Period (45 min.)
          • 9:00 MS Short Bell (Block 8-1)
          • 9:15 MS Short Bell (Blocks 7-1 & 7-3)
      • 9:40-10:25—3rd Period (45 min.)
      • 10:30-11:10— 4th Period (40 min.)
          • 10:40 MS Bell (Block 7-1)
      • 11:15-11:55— 5th Period (40 min.)
          • 11:30 MS Short Bell (Block 8-2)
      • 12:00-12:40— HS 6th Period (40 min.)
        • 11:55-12:20— MS Lunch
      • 12:25-1:05— MS 6th Period (40 min.)
        • 12:40-1:05— HS Lunch
      • 1:10-1:50— 7th Period (40 min.)
          • MS Short Bell (Blocks 7-2, 8-2, & 8-3)
      • 1:55-2:35— 8th Period (40 min.)
      • 2:40-3:30— SENIOR Chapel (auditorium)
  • Thursday, May 11
    • APUSH Test
  • Sunday, May 13
    • Mother’s Day
    • Graduation (2:00; gym)
  • Monday, May 14
    • Classroom Academic Awards Chapel (i.e., top 8th Grade English student, top Algebra II student, etc.)
  • Tuesday, May 15
    • AP Calculus Test
  • Wednesday, May 16
    • AP English 11 Test
    • Class of 2019 Senior Portraits
  • Thursday, May 17
    • 2nd & 5th Period Semester Tests (click here for HS test schedule)
    • MS Regular Bell Schedule (click here for MS semester test schedule)
  • Friday, May 18
    • 3rd & 6th Period Semester Tests (click here for HS test schedule)
    • 11:45 Dismissal for MS & HS students (click here for MS semester test schedule)
    • End of Year Faculty Meeting (12:30-1:30; choir room)
    • 2:00 Faculty Dismissal
  • Monday, May 21— LAST DAY OF SCHOOL
    • 4th & 7th Period Semester Tests (click here for HS test schedule)
    • 11:45 Dismissal for MS & HS students (click here for MS semester test schedule)

Anything missing? If so, please let me know.

Responsibilities for the Week of April 30-May 4
Week B
  • Cafeteria AM— K. Holland
  • Cafeteria PM— L. Noble
  • Parking Lot AM— A. Kyle
  • Parking Lot PM— A. Almond
  • HS Lunch— B. Spencer, H. Cruce, & T. Shoemaker
  • MS Lunch— J. Teigen, S. Quattlebaum, C. Prestridge
  • Chapel— Admin
    • Monday— Admin / Athletic Awards Chapel
    • Tuesday— Admin / Academic Scholarship Signing Day
    • Wednesday— ACCESS GATORS / TRACK ATTACK (no chapel)
    • Thursday— TBD (Intercom chapel or chapel in auditorium)
    • Friday— STUCO
  • Detention— B. Spencer

Remember, it is your responsibility to find a replacement if you are unable to cover your assigned duty. Click to Download PDF of Duty Schedule.

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