“I’ll Do Whatever"

We’ve been here before. At this time last year (and the year before), I wrote in the Friday Thoughts about all the things happening on Mustang Mountain. I wrote about the craziness going on at school as we were planning the banquet, standardized testing, the ACCESS Gators meet, the Day of Service, and many other projects— and in each of those cases, every time I asked someone to help out, I heard the same thing: “I’ll do whatever."

Fast forward to this year, and things are exactly the same— maybe even better. Here’s a quick list of all the ways I’ve seen everybody step up and help out as needed:

  • Leading Spring Break Trips
  • Helping cover classes for teachers on trips
  • An Evening at CAC
  • Standardized Testing
  • Parade of Dates & JR/SR Banquet
  • Chaperoning the Space Camp & Lights Up trips
  • Covering Classes (when we’re short on substitutes)
  • Driving buses for Field Trips
  • ACCESS Gators/Day of Service

Every year I hear comments about how “this year is the craziest it’s ever been," but I’m not sure that’s true. They’re all equally crazy. These final two months of school are a sprint to the finish with a trip, game, ceremony, event, or program every night of the week, and without an “I’ll do whatever" faculty, I don’t know what we’d do!

Over the next few weeks, I’m sure several more needs will pop up, but I’m also sure we’ll help out as needed— because that’s what we do. Thank you.

  • Our Science Olympiad crushed it this past weekend at UALR winning 3rd place overall. That’s awesome! A big shout-out goes to Erik Schramm for leading the charge, encouraging our students, and challenging them along the way.

  • Monday’s Band Solo & Ensemble night was a huge success thanks to James Wilhite! Our band students held small concerts in multiple rooms allowing for parents and guests to go from room-to-room to hear our talented musicians. It’s such a great idea and I’m glad our students had the platform to display their talents!

  • The inaugural Literary Cake-Off went extremely well this past Wednesday. Melissa Leverett's and Brittany Arnold’s classes teamed up to create culinary creations to symbolize literary works such as A Doll’s House, Tale of Two Cities, The Great Gatsby, To Kill a Mockingbird, Harry Potter, and many other classics.

  • Our 6th grade Space Campers are having a great time and everything is going well. A big shout-out goes to Kassandra Allison, Jimmy Teigen, and Chad Tappe for chaperoning the trip. I’m certain they are having a great time and are getting plenty of sleep.

Click here to view more pictures from Space Camp 2017

  • The Parade of Dates and JR/SR Banquet are tonight, and we have several faculty members who have been working like crazy to make it happen. Sarah Chunn, Brittany Arnold, Lynnette Noble, Holly Cannon, Jenna Thomas, and Chelsea Baber have been putting in some serious time the past two weeks helping our Junior class officers make sure everything is in order for the big night. It’s going to be great!

Upcoming Events
  • Today
    • Aspire Testing (grades 7-9); 2:00 student dismissal; Faculty dismissal at 2:30 (announcement will be made)
    • Parade of Dates— 6 PM
    • JR/SR Banquet— 7:30 PM
  • Monday, April 24— ACCESS Gators Chapel
  • Tuesday, April 25— Yearbook Day
    • Yearbook chapel presentation & awards for Mustang Round-Up and Mr. & Miss CAC
    • Yearbooks will be distributed in the atrium beginning 7th period.
  • Wednesday, April 26— ACCESS/DAY OF SERVICE
    • (Click here to view list of project leader assignments, transportation arrangements, and contact information)
  • Thursday, April 27
    • Family Chapel (Final Meeting)
    • Gates’ Family Chapel field trip
  • Monday, May 1— AP Chemistry Test
  • Tuesday, May 2
    • Academic Scholarship Awards Chapel (9:30-10:10; 2nd period will dismiss at 9:25)
    • Choir Performance (National Anthem) @ Travelers Game— 6:45 PM
  • Wednesday, May 3— AP English Test
  • Thursday, May 4
    • Senior Exams
    • Chapel in auditorium (Band Performance)
    • Band Concert— 7 PM
  • Friday, May 5
    • Senior Exams
    • NJHS Field Trip to NLR Elementary
    • Athletic Awards Chapel
  • Sunday, May 7— Choir Concert (2:00 PM)
  • Monday, May 8
    • AP Biology Test
    • Senior Exams
    • Lights Up Chapel
    • Deadline of Academic Award names to be sent to Mrs. Lillard (i.e., top 8th Grade English student, top Algebra II student, etc.)
  • Tuesday, May 9— AP Calculus Test
  • Wednesday, May 10
    • AP Language Test
    • Senior Chapel / Senior Day (adjusted schedule for chapel— TBD)
  • Thursday, May 11
    • AP World History Test
    • State Soccer Tournament (Batesville)
  • Friday, May 12— State Soccer Tournament (Batesville)
  • Sunday, May 14— Graduation (2:00 PM)
  • Tuesday, May 16— Academic Awards Chapel (i.e., top 8th Grade English student, top Algebra II student, etc.)
  • Wednesday, May 17- Friday, May 19— Semester Tests
  • Friday, May 19—

Big Picture Calendar (bit.ly/cacspring2017)

Responsibilities for Next Week

Week A
  • Cafeteria AM— A. Almond
  • Cafeteria PM— S. Killgore
  • Parking Lot AM— J. Wilhite
  • Parking Lot PM— T. Hodges
  • HS Lunch— H. Cruce, J. Gates &. K. Holland
  • MS Lunch— T. Beach, T. Hodges, & C. Morse
  • Chapel— K. Holland
  • Detention— TBD

Remember, it is your responsibility to find a replacement if you are unable to cover your assigned duty.
*Click here for complete 16-17 Duty Schedule

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