The Light at the End of the Tunnel

It’s easy to get distracted this time of year as we begin eyeing summer, but this is precisely when we need to focus and continue bringing our best every day.

We have one more month of school left which means we have only one more month to strengthen our relationships with students this school year.

We have one more month to find ways to connect and make a difference.

We have one more month this school year to speak truth into our students' lives and help them see they are uniquely created in God’s image.

We have only one more month. Let’s finish strong.


  • Our annual Evening at CAC was a fun night, and we had a great turnout. Chad Tappe and Rachel Brackins worked like crazy organizing the event and getting everything ready. Also, thank yous are in order for Lisa Lancaster, Sonya Gates, Richard Burton, David Mauldin, and Kevin Lloyd for working so hard to set up the atrium and transform that space for our event. Awesome job!

  • Our STUCO leadership team is set for next year thanks to Melissa Leverett. Wednesday’s STUCO chapel was well organized and our students did a great job. I’m excited to work with next year’s STUCO officers, and I’m thankful Ms. Leverett will be leading them.

  • The Senior Civics field trip to the Capital was a huge success. A big thanks to Lynnette Noble for organizing the trip and for giving our students the opportunity.

  • Congratulations to Travis Kaye and the HS Choir for receiving All Superior ratings at the Arkansas State Choral Festival last week. Mr. Kaye is doing a tremendous job with choir and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them.

  • Tamara Hodges and Jimmy Teigen had a blast at Space Camp. The trip is a great chance for students and teachers to strengthen relationships and create memories that will last for years. Space Camp is also exhausting. That said, I’m so thankful for the quality time Mrs. Hodges and Mr. Teigen spent with our students. Let’s do it again next year!

  • Congratulations to Erik Schramm and the Science Olympiad team for their State Runner-Up finish this year. The Science Olympiad team crushed it at the state event and represented our school well.

  • A huge ssssshout-out goes to Kevin Lloyd for coming to Coach Spencer’s rescue when a critter happened to be right outside his office door. Mr. Lloyd handled the situation like a champ, and Coach Spencer was very happy about that.

Upcoming Events
  • Today
    • Aspire Summative Testing (grades 6-9); 2:00 dismissal (2:30 faculty)
    • No School for students 10-12 grades
    • Parade of Dates & JR/SR Banquet (6 PM)
    • Yearbook Dedication (chapel) & distribution (7th & 8th periods)
    • Day of Service Chapel (project summaries by representatives)
    • Theater Tech Field Trip (9:30-1:30)
    • DOS— Senior Sign-Ups
    • Naismith Presentation (Christyn Williams) following Chapel
    • DOS— Junior Sign-Ups
    • Lights Up Tour (April 26-29)
    • Spirit Day ($2)— Wear Purple & Green
    • ACCESS Gators Chapel
    • DOS— Freshmen & Sophomores Sign Up
    • ACCESS athlete sign-ups at lunch (HS students only)
  • Monday, April 30— Athletic Awards Chapel
  • Tuesday, May 1— Academic Scholarship Signing Day
  • Wednesday, May 2— ACCESS Gators Track Meet / Day of Service

Anything missing? If so, please let me know.

Responsibilities for the Week of April 16-20
Week A
  • Cafeteria AM— M. Leverett
  • Cafeteria PM— K. Allison
  • Parking Lot AM— A. Almond
  • Parking Lot PM— B. McNair
  • HS Lunch— J. Gates, B. Spencer, B. Arnold
  • MS Lunch— C. Sherrill, K. Allison, & P. Smith
  • Chapel— K. Holland
    • Monday— K. Holland/Yearbook Chapel
    • Tuesday— Day of Service Chapel (Senior Sign-Ups)
    • Wednesday— K. Holland/ Naismith Award Presentation
    • Thursday— ACCESS Gators Chapel (auditorium)
    • Friday— STUCO
  • Detention— A. Jamison

Remember, it is your responsibility to find a replacement if you are unable to cover your assigned duty. Click to Download PDF of Duty Schedule.

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