How is this year going?

Just about every day someone will ask me, “How is this year going so far?"

“It’s great" just doesn’t cut it, and neither does “It’s awesome!" or “So far, so good… I hope it continues."

Most times I can’t think of the perfect thing to say, which then makes me worried I’ll give the impression things aren’t going well. It’s a weird problem sometimes, and you probably know exactly what I’m talking about.

Chris Guillebeau experienced this same struggle when he finished his goal of traveling to every country before he was 35, and he offers some great advice in his book The Happiness of Pursuit. As you can imagine, he’s done a few interviews since completing his quest, and inevitably during those interviews, he’s asked something along the lines of “So, what was it like, Chris?"

He writes that at first he struggled to answer such as massive question until an experienced interviewer reminded him that he didn’t have to sum up 193 countries and ten years of travel in a few sentences— instead, just telling a story or two would do the trick.

That’s so true. It’s the stories that matter. It’s the stories that, well, tell the story and answer the question.

So, how is this year going? It’s great. Each day I feel like I’m able to serve teachers, students, and parents, and no day is ever the same. Just this week I was able to...

  • Participate and help plan a celebration for Mrs. Josephson and her years of service to CAC.

  • Work with several teachers to make it possible for students to take Aspire tests online so that we can have more data and information that will help us improve our curriculum.

  • Begin reviewing our curriculum and standards for our upcoming accreditation.

  • Observe several classrooms and see teachers and students working together to solve challenging problems.

  • Celebrate with our volleyball team and encourage them as they worked their way deeper into the State Volleyball tournament.

  • Meet with a parent and her child to understand a particular social problem, and then work together to find a solution.

  • Visit with CAC alumni at Harding and hear what’s going on in their lives, to get their perspective about their time at CAC, and to get some ideas that may help us improve.

  • Meet with three teachers to hear about their vision for their particular program and to work ideas to help them grow.

  • Help plan four different field trip opportunities for our students.

When asked about how the year is going, one or two of the above responses is much stronger than “It’s great" or “I’m really enjoying it."

So let me ask you— how’s this year going for you?

  • The Middle School Schedule Shift was a success this week thanks to Sonya Gates, Jan Penrod, Shelby Lillard, Andy Stewart, and Hayden Cruce. Schedules were ready to go Monday and a majority of students knew where to go all week. We did have a few hiccups, but everyone stepped in and was able to help out and make things work.

  • The potluck on Monday was great and it was a fun way to honor Mrs. Josephson. A big shout-out goes to Jason Gates for organizing the Fiesta. I can’t wait to see what he has planned for next month! Also, Angie Diles deserves a big shout-out for staying behind after the fiesta to clean up and put everything away. That was definitely appreciated.

  • Our first week of Aspire periodic testing is almost in the books thanks to Carrie Vick, Janice Northen, and Bradley Spencer. Aspire made several updates over the summer which meant every computer had to be updated with multiple programs. Carrie, Janice, and Bradley were able to update all of our lab computers and our laptop cart to make sure students could test.

  • Tuesday’s CAC Alumni college dinner at Harding University was great! A big shout-out goes to Lynnette Noble, Brittany Arnold, Kathy Holland, Danny Sullivan, Rachel Brackins, Chad Tappe, and Carter Lambert for making the trip to Searcy. We had a great turnout and it was fun seeing familiar faces and hearing about their college lives. I’m looking forward to the next two dinners.

  • Last Friday, Sheila Killgore and Jason Gates teamed their classes up to work on cell models. It was a great example of collaboration and having students work together. Their work can be seen in the science wing lobby— check them out!

Upcoming Events
  • Today— STUCO Chick-Fil-A Leader Academy Session (7:30-9:00)

  • Friday, November 4— Pep Rally Schedule

Responsibilities for Next Week
Week B
  • Cafeteria AM— K. Holland
  • Cafeteria PM— C. Prestridge
  • Parking Lot AM— J. Gates
  • Parking Lot PM— T. Hodges
  • HS Lunch— A. Almond, A. Stewart, & B. Arnold
  • MS Lunch— K. Allison, A. Diles, & S. Killgore
  • Chapel— A. Almond
  • Detention— M. Johnson

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