Being a Philippians 2 Teacher

One of our best back-to-school inservice sessions was our time with Sherry Pogue (I got you on that one— you thought I was going to say the session when we went over the handbook!). The idea of being a Philippians 2 teacher really stuck with me, and this past week, I was reminded of the session when our Sunday morning class spent time studying Philippians from a parenting perspective.

During our Sunday morning discussion, my friend Eric shared a brilliant idea with the class to help better understand the verse, and afterwards, he and I sketched it out.

I’m still wrestling with this idea and I’d love to get your feedback, but right now it makes sense because I think back to some of the best teachers and coaches I’ve ever head— Mrs. Barber, Coach V, Mr. Harris.

Mrs. Barber, my high school English teacher, was sacrificial and humble (and diminutive in nature), but she wasn’t weak. She could have allowed her quiet nature and willingness to go the extra mile to be taken advantage of, but instead, she held us all accountable and had the highest expectations in her classes (powerful). She was fair and consistent (even when it hurt), and it was evident from day one that she was willing to do whatever it took (sacrificial) for each of us to succeed. Mrs. Barber imitated Christ.

Coach V, my football coach, was powerful (247-74-3 record; 28th all-time winningest football coach in Ohio) and sacrificial (taught various subjects while serving as AD and coach; served as an elder at my church), but he wasn’t manipulative. He could have easily reminded us of his successes or, if we messed up, he could have easily made us feel guilty because of all the time he invested in us; instead, he remained humble. He constantly lifted others up, deflected praise to his assistant coaches and players, and was quick to listen, slow to speak. Coach V imitated Christ.

Mr. Harris, my high school US History teacher and assistant football coach, was a big man (powerful) but quiet in nature (humble). He was a great story teller, was really good at explaining things, and he was a great coach. But that’s not what makes him memorable. What makes him memorable is his sacrificial spirit. Mr. Harris loved us— so much, he commuted an hour each day. He had been offered other job opportunities close to his home, but he loved our school and he loved us, so he kept making the drive each year. We knew Mr. Harris loved us (he often told us).

It’s been 17 years since I graduated, but I remember exactly how each of these teachers impacted my life and how they made me feel. I bet you could think of teachers in your life who made a similar impact.

Thinking about these teachers from a Philippians 2 perspective helps me view each of them in a new light, and I hope my former students view me in that same light. I hope our students this year do, too.

  • Monday is going to be a great day as we celebrate with Mrs. Story, Mrs. Josephson, and Mr. Harris. A shout-out goes to Jason Gates for organizing our potluck and encouraging all of us to participate. (If you need to sign-up to bring something or if you need to check to see what you signed up for, you can view the Sign-Up Genius here.)

  • This past Monday’s chapel was time well spent as we heard from Jake Barber and then were able to honor Mike Harris. A special thanks goes to Ashley Jamison for arranging for Jake to speak to our students and to Chad Tappe for organizing the presentation for Mr. Harris. It really was a good day.

  • James Wilhite stepped up twice this week to help with bus driving needs. In addition to Mr. Wilhite stepping up, Bradley Spencer and Angie Diles did as well as they volunteered to cover after-school care yesterday and today. A big thanks goes out for helping out as needed.

  • Socktoberfest is off and running and the 6th grade students are doing a fantastic job leading the way. A special thanks goes to Tamara Hodges, Kassandra Allison, and Jimmy Teigen for helping guide their students. This is a great ministry opportunity for our school and a great opportunity for our 6th graders to step into leadership positions.

  • Wednesday’s PSAT testing was very successful and went smoothly thanks to Jan Penrod and Carrie Vick. They did a great job planning for the tests, organizing materials, lining up teachers, moving classes, and communicating with everyone. Also, a thanks goes to Melissa Leverett, Erik Schramm, and Andrew Stewart for administering the tests.

  • The Chromebooks made their first voyage on Wednesday in Tamara Hodges’ classes, and the students loved using them! I’m so excited about the possibilities of having 60 Chromebooks and laptops for our students to use in classrooms. (I’d love to brainstorm ideas and find different ways to use them— let me know if you’re interested and we can plan some great lessons together.)

Upcoming Events

  • All Next Week— Aspire Periodic English & Reading Testing during Spanish Rotation Lab (grades 6-9)

  • Thursday, October 27— Regular Chapel (no intercom chapel)
    • Beta Club officer meeting following chapel

Responsibilities for Next Week
Week A
  • Cafeteria AM— T. Hodges
  • Cafeteria PM— J. Gates
  • Parking Lot AM— A. Stewart
  • Parking Lot PM— S. Quattlebaum
  • HS Lunch— L. Noble, E. Schram, & J. Thomas
  • MS Lunch— J. Teigen, Z. Stewart, & J. Wilhite
  • Chapel— B. Spencer
  • Detention— J. Teigen

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