A School Year is Not a Marathon

In a recent podcast, author Marcus Buckingham said, “A year isn’t a marathon; it’s fifty-two sprints." He goes on to explain that a week is a man-made unit of time that has a natural rhythm to it. By thinking in these terms, we aren’t stuck in a longterm plan; rather, we have the flexibility to pivot and change course when needed. It allows us to ask, “What are my priorities this week?" rather than being overwhelmed by the enormity of the year.

Hearing this has shifted my thinking. I’ve always viewed a school year as a marathon. However, I’m now inclined to think it’s more of a series of sprints— 36 to be exact. And that makes sense because each week certainly feels more like a sprint (some faster than others) rather than just another mile marker passed on a long, paced run.

We are nine sprints into the year. Let’s give each week everything we’ve got, regroup, and then do it again— 27 more times.

  • This was a big week for the 6th graders. On Monday, Tamara Hodges, Kassandra Allison, and Jimmy Teigen led their students on a class-building trip to the 4H Center in Ferndale. Students spent the day rock-climbing, canoeing, and shooting on the archery range (check out the photos on our Facebook page). Then on Thursday, Mustang Mountain hosted our 2nd annual 6th Grade Coffee House. We had several parents join us to hear students read their narratives they have been writing in class. It was a great way to end the nine weeks.

  • Similar to last year's Poe Show, The History Show on Tuesday didn’t disappoint. A special thanks to Jenna Thomas for arranging the event and to Steve Quattlebaum for allowing us classes to participate in the student workshop. Having the Theatre Squared troupe visit our campus is becoming a wonderful tradition that I hope continues.

  • In the bus driving realm, a shout-out goes to Angela Almond for driving the volleyball team to Conway this past week. Also, a shout-out goes to James Wilhite for spending the afternoon on Wednesday working with Bradley Spencer to help him prepare for his CDL test.

  • We made it to the end of the 1st nine weeks, and I’d like to give Doug Killgore, Andy Stewart and Hayden Cruce shout-outs for the effort they’ve put in as assistant principals this year. We’ve had a relatively smooth start to the year, and a big part of our success is because of them. I hope the success continues the rest of the year.

  • The laptop and Chromebook carts are ready to roll thanks to Karen Sullivan. I’m so excited about this! I hope the wheels are already turning about the ways we can use these in each class, and I hope we begin using them next week. If you have questions, need ideas, or could use some assistance, please check with Karen or me— we’d both be happy to help.

Upcoming Events
  • Today— Parent/Teacher conferences (no school)
    • Conference Times 8:00-3:30
    • Be sure to schedule conferences for students with academic and/or behavior concerns
    • Sign-Up Genius is a great way to schedule conferences

  • Monday, October 17— Adjusted Bell Schedule (to lengthen chapel, but preserve 3rd period some)
    • 8:00-8:45 1st period (45 minutes)
    • 8:50-9:25 2nd period (35 minutes)
    • 9:28-10:03 Chapel
    • Regular schedule

  • Wednesday, October 19
    • 10th & 11th Grade PSAT Testing (morning)
    • Emergency Drill— 6th period

  • Thursday, October 20— Family Chapel Day

  • Saturday, October 22— Mustang Scramble Golf Tournament

  • Monday, October 24
    • Earliest day for Middle School schedule class shift; Other possible day is Monday, October 31 (more details to come)
    • Photographer Sarah Reeves will be on campus taking pictures for publications
    • Special Chapel Assembly (adjusted schedule)
      • 8:00-8:45 1st period
      • 8:50-9:35 2nd period
      • 9:40-10:25 3rd period
      • 10:30-11:15 4th period
      • 11:18-11:45 Chapel
      • Regular Schedule

  • Thursday, November 3— History Club field trip to Memphis (all day)

Responsibilities for Next Week
Week B (Yes, that’s two B-weeks in a row because there are no classes today.)
  • Cafeteria AM— B. Spencer
  • Cafeteria PM— S. Killgore
  • Parking Lot AM— H. Cruce
  • Parking Lot PM— A. Diles
  • HS Lunch— A. Jamison, M. Leverett, C. Sherrill, & D. Sullivan
  • MS Lunch— M. Johnson, C. Prestridge, & B. Spencer
  • Chapel— J. Teigen
  • Detention— TBD (If you’re interested, please contact Doug Killgore.)

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