I’m going to change things up this week, and ask you to watch this 16-minute video. Usually, I share similar videos in the “Resources Worth Checking Out" section of our Friday Thoughts, but I don’t want this one to get buried and overlooked.

Sometime in the next few days, please watch this and be encouraged by the difference you are already making in a specific student’s life or identify a specific student you want to invest in. It’s easy to look back on the person, aside from family members, who had the most influence in my life when I was a teenager— my youth minister, Ben Neal. The older I get, the more I value what he did for me and the time he sacrificed to invest in my life.

Just like Ben quickly comes to my mind today, twenty years from now, I hope several students say, “The person who had the most influence in my life is Jordan Collier." I hope several of our students say the same about you. That’s why we do what we do.

  • This year’s college tour was a huge success thanks to Jan Penrod, Kathy Holland, and Chris Morse. During the trip, 20 students visited Texas A&M, Baylor, TCU, UT-Arlington, Henderson University, and OBU. As expected, the students and chaperones had a great time!

  • Lights Up and the cast from The Seussification of Romeo and Juliet performed several shows at the Clinton Library for over 800 students from all over state as they celebrated Seuss week! Our kids did a phenomenal job and their audiences had a blast (including my daughter Millie Kate who is pictured below). A huge shout-out goes to Holly Cannon for leading the group. She’s done an amazing job with Lights Up, the spring play, and our drama classes during Jenna Thomas’s absence.

  • This week was another tough one regarding subs— we just have a lot going on! A big thanks goes to everyone who helped cover classes, specifically Chelsea Baber, Zac Stewart, and Miranda Johnson. It goes a long when we have teachers willing to cover for each other. Thank you.

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Responsibilities for Next Week
Week B
  • Cafeteria AM— A. Almond
  • Cafeteria PM— B. Spencer
  • Parking Lot AM— T. Shoemaker
  • Parking Lot PM— E. Schramm
  • HS Lunch— L. Noble, E. Schramm, T. Shoemaker, & J. Thomas
  • MS Lunch— J. Teigen, Z. Stewart, & J. Wilhite
  • Chapel— M. Johnson
  • Detention— J. Wilhite

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